Wetsuit lube

I think the rotting tube of KY Jelly I bought in desperation five years ago has made a run for it. Desperation for something to lubricate the neck area of my wetsuit that is, I’m still embarrassed in case I see the same pharmacy assistant again.

What do you use?

And can I use the bum cream (saddle chafing stuff) I spent £££s on but never used last winter?


Bodyglide works for me. Use it on neck and also arms so I can remove the suit quickly.

Yeah, bodyglide is good. I’m actually currently using the Huub Luub as I got it for free with some other purchases. I think I might prefer it

Bodyglide for me too. Works well :slight_smile:

I currently just take the chaff like a real man.

I’ll probably just use cheap vas. I’ve used it before and never seen any degradation on my suits as a result. Think it was @jorgan that always said similar.


Yes. As always… PETROLEUM JELLY works fine :sweat_smile: I actually wore my Snugg a couple of weekends ago, and there are 13 year old panels on there still going strong that have had Vaseline all over them!

Tbh the suit is custom, so I only ever need lube to get it off quicker in events; otherwise I don’t bother.


I’m with J-Dog on this one.
Just take the Vaseline and apply it liberally.

Then pray it ain’t a sunny day :see_no_evil::rofl:

Although, This is coming from someone who jet washes his bikes at the car garage :woman_shrugging:t4:

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A few years back I did the Dart 10k swim and I hadn’t put any on. When I finished, my neck felt sore and when I touched it the skin was sticky I’d rubbed it so much. It took about 2 weeks for it to scab over and heal. Blurry pic from 2 days after the swim

Nowadays anything over 30 mins, on with the bodyglide!


OOhh nice.

Mine was burning last week, only swam for 40 mins or so. But luckily it hadn’t broken the skin, just rubbed it sore, but was healed within a day or two. Was a timely reminder for me to vas it up next time (if there is a next time, can’t seem to fit a swim in at the mo!)

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I’ll only lube up when racing to help get out of my wettie & stop any neck rub.

For regular OW swims I’ve got a rash vest to stop any rubbing.

Is that wrists and ankles? Ive never tried it

I used vaseline for years with no detriment to the suit - but switched to bodyglide this year; just so my hands aren’t covered in vaseline and it ending up everywhere.
Also used the bodyglide to stop a bit of chaffing on the runs and its been largely successful.

Is that cos it comes on a stick or something?

Yeah - like a massive lip balm.

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Yes, that’s what I do.

Another top-tip is just before you get out of the water, to pull the neck open and let water back in - makes it easier to get off :+1:


Put your wetsuit on with carrier bags over your feet, wear latex gloves, lube up.

I mean, how do people NOT know these tricks???

I used to cut 2” off my wetsuit legs, but I notice they’ve started making the legs shorter now, so you get nice cold ankles and they rip off a bit faster :+1:t3:


Ah, you must be a Huub owner!

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I’ve said previously I’ve struggled to get my wettie off quickly.

Used bodyglide on my forearms at Outlaw on Sunday - I would have lubed my legs too but I had calf guards on.

Came off no worries. Did chafe my neck though which I’ve previously not suffered with

I was :see_no_evil:
The Zone 3 is just as bad.
Had it three months and it’s already coming apart in places.
It also felt “loose” around the neck last night and I could feel water sloshing around the shoulder area.
First time that’s happened…

…although I tried a “no warm” up start for the first time.
Straight in and swimming immediately, just like race day.
Although I poured 2l of water throughout the suit before getting in (you know, for a 19p “table water” bottle)

I CBA to tell you to just get a custom Snugg.

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