What bike? Everyone has a bike opinion, give us your best. I need a new one

I need a bike. Just one more. Has to be fast and efficient. Good for riding to work every day through every type of weather, good for a good long road ride, good over the rough stuff, maybe some singletrack. Single ring upfront, light wheels, awesome frame and a bargain price.
Ideas, thoughts and pointers please. And the winner gets the satisfaction of just knowing that their opinion mattered for that moment…

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Light, cheap, strong - pick any 2, you can’t have them all. (Steve Bontrager I think)
It sounds like a 1x gravel bike would suit your purpose, personally I’d go titanium for all year use but that may not be possible price wise.


You’ve heard of the Magic Quadrant, right?
Bargain price, light wheels, awesome frame and a beauty?
Gotta drop one of them!

Ti gravel bike. Ribble or PX probably cheapest new.


I dropped the high end groupset and finishing kit. Simple 1x SRAM groupset will do. Got to have a good frame to want to ride the b*llocks off it, and groovy wheels to make it handle good and snappy.

Give us a budget

I was dribbling a bit over the Ribble gravel bikes. They look fantastic and get really positive reviews. Ribble have upped their game a lot. Sponsoring the DROPS team also.

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Club mate has the Ribble CGR and it’s his all year bike now. He just swaps the wheels. Ultegra Di2 on there.

Has to be cheaper than a very cheap 2nd hand car.

My 100k Pug 307HDi was £900 with a years MOT.

I’d say that was cheap.
Very cheap is an R plate Clio for £400 with 6 months MOT.

Your not getting a bike for that :rofl:

These get mint reviews;

I was stroking the Sonder bikes the last time I was in an Alpkit shop some time ago. £2k is too much, I’d have to buy the Clio and that would make me very sad. There must be a middle ground.

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Hard to see past this.

I’d love a 1by but it’s too hilly here, or a very small front chainring.

What height are you?


I’d just looked at this, nearly posted it here!

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Right, that’s on the watch list

So £1200???
How light is “light gravel”?

this one


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Light gravel. I think he is talking Audax riding down country lanes.
About £1200 + or -. Tough challenge, but it can be done.
Otherwise…Ribble Cgr


Yup!!! Definitely.

I’ve got the Endurance 725 and love it.
Club mate has the CGR Ti and loves it.

Ooh like the look of that!