What bike? Everyone has a bike opinion, give us your best. I need a new one

That looks really nice. When I replace my roadie I’ll probably got for something like this. One bike to do nearly everything.

My Canyon Endurace SLX will take a 32mm gravel tyre, so is quite versatile, certainly if it’s dry off roading. Waay over budget though!

That CGR looks very nice; is that the carbon? I wouldn’t want to do a regular commute on carbon if it needs locking up outside, as it will just damage it.

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They do it in carbon, steal, aluminium and titanium.

You don’t want that for a bike :sweat_smile:

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The steel and Ti versions are a very different shape to the Alu and Carbon ones.

I was going to say an Aspero, then I saw the caveat re price. :grin:

Planex X Space Chicken seems like decent spec for the money. Not as pretty as the Ribble though


Ooh! Used to love the Kaffenback and Uncle John “back in the day”

I have a Planet X XLS I race cross on / use as winter muddy ride bike / off roading on to make thinks more interesting. Good bike, feels a bit wooden when riding it but a bargain frame as I bought it as a 2nd with a little chip in the paint. Built it up with parts from my old cross bike and some 2nd hand Chinese wheels that I rebuilt and converted to disk brakes.
If Ribble spec Sram Rivel 1 or force it would be a no brainer for me, but tthey go for a double chainset or the more expensive shimano.

Which they did offer in 2019 and 2020.
I think they even did Campy on some builds.
Wow. Seems they’ve gone full Shimano!


Those cables and cantilever brakes!

My eyes :see_no_evil:


Well spotted with those brakes. Had them on my early MTB and cross bikes. Sometimes you do stop when it’s wet and cold, other times, not so much.
But look at the Cinelli King Zydeco. That’s a well sorted bike, but at a well sorted price too.

Condor Bivio Gravel Thru-Axle Frameset – Condor Cycles If I had the cash this would be my next bike

Nearly got a Zydeco but the eBay seller was outraged that I was the only bidder and went off in a huff.

I ended up getting the Della Strada but that too townie/tourer for the OP.

In the end do-it-all bikes are bit like do-nothing bikes-well really. I don’t think there’s a way out of the Tri/road/winter trio unless you stop doing one of them. Arguably I could bin them all and get a wattbike at the moment :sweat_smile:

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@Flyingelephant - Alpkit just emailed me.
The Sonder Camino AL is open for reservations.

£1200 for a 650b Apex version :+1:t3:


since when did Alpkit start doing bikes??? must have passed me by if it was a while ago.

I have an Alpkit down jacket - cracking bit of kit for deep winter.

Not sure, but when I was looking last year, their Sonder Camino Ti kept coming up everywhere as literally the best gravel bike you could get for the money (£2199 back then for Shim 1X GRX)

I’ve just bought a Ribble CGR in steel with 105. Absolutely bloody love it so far, but in fairness, not had chance to really give it a hard test yet… build quality seems really good. Lead time on their website are complete fantasy though if you read the FB groups… mine was best part of a month late.

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I liked their bikes the last time I was in their shop. Some time ago now though.