What Bike

I don’t think my current road bike is befitting of my stature and I should treat myself to a new one.

I want rim brakes though. Not because I’ve got anything against disks. But I’ve got 2 wheelsets with G3 Power tap PMs that aren’t disk compatible.

Everything in the 2-5k range has disks. Not that you can hardly find any in stock. The Cannyon aeroroad does rims, but they won’t even give an indication of when something will be available.

I really want an R or S3. The Cervelo stack and reach work well for me as I need a massive stack, but a shorter reach.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Sounds to me like you are a prime candidate for a proper custom frame.


Ooh. WyndyMillas are very nice. How much is a custom carbon bike gonna cost though. Might end in divorce - we’ve had a good run, and I’m sure she’ll meet someone else .


Truthfully, I am afraid to ask them, as I really want one.

Enigma custom Ti starts at 2700…

The massive attack is £4k frame only, custom geometry. Putting anything less that Ultegra Di2 on that is an insult so that’s another 1.5k it seems. I already have wheels and PM. Another what 300 notes or so for setpost, saddle, stem and bars. So just under 6k.

It’s a decent chunk of money, but fuck me what a nice bike it is.

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Buy an R or S3 rim brake? Just buy one second hand, what did Poet’s cost? You could get one of each without much effort for your 5k budget?

I’m really not keen on 2nd hand carbon. I bought a set on Enves and when I went to have the tub glued the shop found a large crack in the rim.

Just won’t be able to trust a 2nd hand frame I don’t think.

Also finding 61cm frames is not easy

How much would someone like target composites want to do some NDT on it? Although that does of course complicate the purchase.

Personally, there’s enough new bikes (well especially forks and handlebars) getting recalled due to manufacturing defects, that I actuall have more confidence with 2nd hand carbon frames, accidents tend to be final, it’s manufacturing defects that worry me more.


When I raced for Charlotteville, there were quite a few WM bikes around, they looked lovely. Their team were fast AF, some of the A graders used beat me at TTs on their road bikes.

The shop was some kind of converted barn IIRC

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Yeah good point. Also nothing stopping a new bike being bashed and no one noticing.

I have just had a look on Ebay. Biggest frame is 58cm which is no good.

(not that I think that’s actually a good deal, but I was just surprised there were no 61cm…)

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£740 frame, fork, seatpost, headset and bottom bracket.

Then about £400 building it up…

…but it caused some (read: a lot) of marital disharmony, so it’s gone now :cry:
Apparently four bikes is the limit :man_shrugging:t4:


My wife’s nickname for me to her dumb ass friends is 4 bikes. I only have 3. So buying one more is required to bring balance to the force.


Yeah its slim pickings. That one looks like an antique.

Send her my way:

Tri bike
Tri bike #2 which I probably should get rid of
Turbo bike
Son #1 road bike
Son #1 uni bike
Son #2 road bike
Son #3 road bike
Son #3 MTB
Son #3 school bike
Spares and repairs MTB
Wife bike

N+1 principles: note no road bike for me yet


Your wife and kids bikes don’t count. Also a shopper? Really want to admit that on here. :grimacing:


A club mate had theirs shaved down and internally routed at Target Composites (it’s local to us) - it doesn’t look antique now :heart_eyes:

Plus, they take about two hours to build and are a piece of piss to fettle.
No messing about with internal routing or ridiculous new tools for one job.


Yeah, I want something to look modern and cool, and that just doesn’t.

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They don’t count :roll_eyes:

I’ve sold my BMX and Orange P7 MTB, too :cry:


I have to maintain the damn things, so it feels like they count haha cry