What did Santa get you for 2022

This is my haul for this year. There is one present outstanding, a £7 bike bell which is still in the post.

To be fair I did only ask for 2 things, the lights and bell (secret Santa). But thinking I might need to treat myself to something, I’m thinking a Garmin 255…


We did a “buy your own gift” year this year. I bought Motocourse 1993, the year The Unrideables era ended (or the beginning of the end began). MrsS bought two leather leads for the dogs. I know I should feel shame and selfish in my choice but meh.


A huub trisuit, a huub vest, a huub pool bag, a huub shoelaces, a QEII rose.


A Wattbike!


Aside from beer and chocolate I got some slippers, merino glove liners and a ‘Wells’ family photo album from 2017 to 2022 - pretty modest but I’ve had a great time with the family.

Both my boys have been made up with a Polly Pocket for the eldest and a fluffy cat teddy for the youngest - long may these days continue. It’ll be iPhones, tablets, games consoles etc before we know it


Slippers and pyjamas.

Somehow Mrs eJC got. a Huub wetsuit gloves and boots. Shimano Tri shoes Look pedals and cleats. Leather gloves. Gin. A book of mountain poetry and lake poetry. And the Beryl book.


Gift from LadyFlash, wanted one for ages.

Alas it has to go back, correct around the chest, but built for puny humans with chicken arms.


I had some Lindor chocs, a hot chocolate mug bomb and something else I can’t remember that was chocolate but I don’t really lie chocolate!

However, we are now at Mum’s and there ‘may’ be some presents from her, we’ve just arrived, so not sure yet. There are a couple of bags for LO, so we’ll see :crossed_fingers: :grinning:

My sister is here as well but we decided this year to stop the presents between us adults in her family and mine.


I did embarrassingly well for an old fella but the pressie I’m most chuffed with is a 4.5/10.5 tog king sized duvet that my parents gifted us.


We’ve just had a 12.5 delivered today :sleeping_bed: :hot_face:.


got a copy of this from Mrs FB. written by an English teacher who’s a long time member of my local rugby club, Gwernyfed RFC.


A POC ventral air MIPS helmet, a lovely Paul Smith T shirt and jeans, slippers and a half bottle of Pedro Ximenez sherry. I am.old now amd like sherry of this grape.


Half a bottle ?

EBay ?!

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Slight update to my original post, which was written when I was slightly miffed that pretty much all I’d received (from the wife) was male grooming products and a couple of pairs of socks, one of which very novelty & seasonal. I think she was trying to give me a slight message as I’m not currently a user of (m)any male grooming products.

My parents treated us to a day at Longleat yesterday, spent a full day there doing the safari, a boat trip and finishing off with the festival of lights. Got very lucky with the weather, as it was quite miserable at the start of the day, but most of that time was spent in the car doing the safari. That was a very good preset enjoyed by all the family.

I’ve just pulled the trigger on a Garmin 255 Music and the LifeLine trainer table (with power) recommended by @stenard

Christmas is saved! :slight_smile:


It’s funny how equality hasn’t removed nonsense from either gender, and in reality has doubled sales opportunities in both vanity markets.

#freedom #makeupforall

you only have to look at the split of presents in our luxury Xmas apartment to know that we’ve a way to go for equality to reach the northern lakes…

Foor quantum wetsuit ( new edition)
Endura tri shorts
30 razor blades
Electric tooth brush
Mega power bank
Usual crap too !


I got naff all, and I do mean absolutely naff all! For the second year running.

But it’s what I wanted so I’m not disappointed :slight_smile:


Got one of these in the Rapha sale.

My wife says I look like a man child in it.


Not me, but the eldest. I wish I listened in physics at school! :joy: :joy: