What you need to do if you want to do something stupid

By request. With the idea of getting a discussion going about what’s required - training, background, base fitness etc to even think about committing to training for a silly event such as: the arch to arc triathlon, or … marathon de sable? … deca Ironman… running across a country lol… probably need editing this. You get the jist.

Who lives in a house like this? David it’s over to yoauaahh…


Probably don’t drink and use the Internet :rofl:


You just need to search for “world’s smallest country”, and job’s a good’un.

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That’s got to be a km or so?! :joy:

Monaco - already cycled and run that :joy::joy:


Sensing this isn’t going as well as anticipated :face_with_monocle: pile in lol

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Go part time or take a sabbatical?

Then get sponsored by MacDonalds to run from the most northerly restaurant to the most southerly one and call it the Golden Arch to Arch :grin:


More seriously, it’s more about injury proofing yourself than maximising fitness, so lots of conditioning, lots of repetition of the activity so if you’re sat in a saddle everything that is not pedalling also survives the position, the neck, the back the arms the arse etc. That sort of stuff mostly comes from time, so you do need time, same with running time on your feet etc. So lots of time in the sports you’re doing

Then it’s planning, planning, planning, a fair amount of luck on the injuries, and the balls to take the early parts easy etc.


I’d suggest that’s a good way to enter events…

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Wow the Golden Arches race!

Totally agree. Oddly it’s the run that freaks me out the most… possibly because I’m just really fed up with running. Almost like skip to the end thanks

Work on your mental strength. That’s what an event like this is about.

Watch James Cracknells adventures. His body is fucked in everyone, but he keeps on going.

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His body is fucked in everyone? …

In every event.

Run across the land of a thousand hills - 264.5 km, finish at 4.2k m high…

Save up, train, get your visa and vaccines and off you go…



Not quite as far but still 100km, the Tenerife Blue Trail. Start on beach at midnight, up and over Teide, finish at beach on the other side of the island, cut off 23 or 24 hours I think.

@fes2 ?

Looks amazing but I don’t think I’d ever be able to do something like this. If the event didn’t cripple me, the training would

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Yeah, you could. The training wouldn’t be silly mileage. You’d just need time on your feet and concentrate on vert. Lots of walking up hills and loads and loads of squats to condition for the 2nd half, which will be way worse than the first! :joy:


No attempt at any sort of altitude acclimitization before you try and go up as fast as you can from sea level? Do you carry some oxygen just in case?

Just to give you an idea, here is the 6 months training prior to Arch to Arc. I had very rough weekly schedule where I would swim 4 mornings a week and 2 evenings a week as well as either running or biking to the pool/work. Then I would something long at the weekend both days if I could. I never once completed all sessions in a week but there was plenty in there. Swim times are recorded as actual moving time, not pool time which was a lot longer

Week 1 13h31m - S 3h13m, B 4h9m, R 6h9m - includes marathon
Week 2 18h56m - S 8h6m, B 3h12m, R 7h37m - includes 10k swim and marathon
Week 3 11h23m - S 2h41m, B 0h0m, R 8h41m
Week 4 9h37m - S 4h8m, B 3h1m, R 2h27m
Week 5 10h50m - S 3h19m, B 3h30m, R 4h1m
Week 6 15h55m - S 8h29m, B 5h52m, R 1h33m - includes 10k swim
Week 7 14h38m - S 5h45m, B 4h31m, R 5h45m
Week 8 18h24m - S 9h2m, B 0h32m, R 8h46m - includes 11k swim and marathon
Week 9 16h20m - S 4h4m, B 8h38m, R 3h37m - includes 100 mile bike
Week 10 15h19m - S 7h32m, B 1h29m, R 6h16m
Week 11 18h18m - S 6h27m, B 0h25m, R 11h15m - includes 8hr (30 mile) speed march in a blizzard
Week 12 7h6m - S 4h30m, B 2h35m, R 0h0m - moved house
Week 13 26h6m - S 4h17m, B 17h42m,R 4h7m - includes 100 mile bike and marathon
Week 14 13h33m - S 4h4m, B 4h9m, R 5h19m
Week 15 13h58m - S 5h18m, B 3h52m, R 4h46m
Week 16 15h24m - S 7h15m, B 5h58m, R 2h10m
Week 17 26h28m - S 14h13m,B 2h34m, R 9h40m - includes 40 mile run and 24 mile swim (1 mile each hour)
Week 18 12h6m - S 5h58m, B 4h44m, R 1h24m
Week 19 11h54m - S 4h3m, B 6h7m, R 1h43m
Week 20 16h10m - S 9h53m, B 3h17m, R 2h59m - includes 6hr (13 mile) channel swim qualification
Week 21 14h55m - S 5h6m, B 2h40m, R 7h8m
Week 22 17h55m - S 4h36m, B 11h44m,R 1h35m - includes 162 mile bike
Week 23 23h39m - S 7h12m, B 3h45m, R 12h42m - includes 52 mile run
Week 24 13h26m - S 4h28m, B 6h39m, R 2h18m
Week 25 12h40m - S 7h26m, B 1h28m, R 3h45m
Week 26 6h6m - S 2h56m, B 2h2m, R 1h8m - 3 days only. A2A started on Thursday lunchtime