What's on your Garmin?

Interested to know what people display on their watch or bike computer for swim / bike / run. Lots of information or just a few key fields?

For me:
Run -
Main screen for easy/long run 1. Current HR, 2. Total Time, 3. Current Pace
2nd screen for reps 1. Current HR, 2. Lap Time, 3. Lap Pace
3rd summary screen 1. Total distance, 2. Average Pace, 3. Elasped Time, 4. Time of Day

Bike -
Main screen 1. 3s PWR, 2. Current HR, 3. Cadence, 4. Distance, 5, Time, 6. Speed
2nd screen for laps as above but with lap distance/time/speed
3rd summary screen for general riding 1. Time of Day, 2. Total Time, 3. Total Distance, 4, Elevation plot, 5. Speed

Swim -
While swimming 1. Length count (lap), 2. Lap Pace
While resting 1. Split time, 2. Rest timer, 3. Repeat On, 4, Time of Day

I seem to be obsessed with Time of Day, probably because all my training is based on how much I can fit in before I have to be somewhere else.



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I get massively annoyed with;
Time of Day
Elapsed time
Activity time

When out cycling with a group.
Bloody BC insurance rules (you are meant to stop for a drink and clothing removal etc)

In a four hour ride, there’s at least 40 minutes of stopped time.

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Swim: Interval Time, Interval Distance. On Rest: Rest Timer, Repeat On, Interval Time, Interval Distance

Bike: Elapsed Time, IF, 10s PWR, AVG Pwr, Cadence, Current Speed, Current HR, Distance

Run: Pace, Distance, Time, Current HR

Run - Distance, Time, Current HR
Pool Swim - Int. Time, Int. Distance, Total Distance
Bike - Computer - 3s Power, Lap Power, Current HR. Watch - Distance, Time, Avg. Power

The plan for the bike is that the immediate feedback is in my eye line all the time and if I want to know total time distance etc. I just glance at my watch.

Average pace,
Elapsed time

Speed kph,
3 second power,
Heart rate,
Elapsed time,
Time of day,
Average speed,
Average power

Average pace,
Elapsed time,
Heart rate

Seems like information overload on the bike now I’ve written that down

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I find I only look at 2/3 fields even if I have more available. The rest is nice as a summary but it all gets a bit small on the screen if it’s all on one page.

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Yes agreed, probably only pay close attention to power and cadence and then a quick glance at the others.

Swim - distance
Bike - 3s Power, BBS Power Target
Run - avg pace min/km, hr

I only use Garmin for bike so you can ignore the other two

Easier than typing.
The second screen on the watch for the run is HR

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1: Distance, Duration, Avg Pace,
2: Current HR - Main screen I keep it on. Might add lap HR to it for easy check.
3: Lap distance, duration, pace, HR
4: Time of day

1: Distance + Duration
2: Avg pace + current HR - main screen I keep it on
3: Lap distance, duration, pace, aHR.
4: Same as 3 but for previous lap.

Wahoo Bolt displays TSS on the fly.
As seen on GCN :+1:t3:

So do Garmins. But I don’t generally see the point in TSS as a “live” metric. It’s a combination output of time and IF, and those are two metrics you can directly influence (well, time will be what it will be, IF is the one you can really impact). What is TSS really going to tell you? If you set yourself a target, what happens when you reach it and still have 10k to go?

And what meaningful information does it give you if you know you’re at TSS of 50 at a given point in time mid-ride? If I know I’m an hour into the ride, then I can backsolve that I’m at roughly 0.71 IF, but I might as well just know IF in the first place!

Resurrect this…

So having got a new 530 at Xmas as well as faveros end of last year… I now have more fields I want to see.
Except…I can’t bloody read them as they are too small.

On the roadie I can happily spread the data over couple pages and have the handy di2 buttons to change.

TT doesn’t have that luxury. Find that I want fields to be shown, even if I don’t necessarily need them.

Anyone have race specific profiles?

It’s not perfect, but I settle on this dashboard more often than not.

Use the centre fields for PWR and HR, have CAD, DIST, SPD and AvSPD in the other fields. It also shows Total Time. No option to show lap fields if trying to divide up the ride though.

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Hmm hadn’t thought about a widget.
Might give me better size fields or coloured options that I can actually make out.

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Post up what you find would you @mw22?

My screens on my 530 are not optimal at all and could do with some jiggery pokery.

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Ive found this hurts my eyes…



I had a look last night myself, and was surprised to find very little on the widget store that actually looked decent. The one linked to above (i guess you hit the same snag) said it wasnt compatible with the 530.

Yup on the not compatible.
Yeah occasionally theres something very niche that fits. I may have to pull a couple of widgets in… or just accept I need to have multiple screens.
Or get my eyes fixed :nerd_face:

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