Wheel Spacing and Gear Indexing

Why do I have to readjust my limit screws and rear mech barrel adjuster when changing between wheel sets?

They’re all 11sp with 11sp hubs.
No funny business going on at all.

But every time I switch them out I end up having to fiddle around with my gears.
It’s annoying as hell.

Do some wheels have different hub spacing?
If so, WHY :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It shouldn’t really change things but do they have different size cassettes on them?

No, I switched the cassette from wheel to wheel - I only swap cassettes on the TT bike (which is 10 speed and I’ve never had an issue with!)

This is on 11sp BMC roadmachine - wheels are: Vision Metron 35s, PX50s and Zipp FC 404s.

That’s a weird one. It shouldn’t matter should it!

Peeing me right off!

First time it has ever happened - GRR!!!

You shouldn’t have to do that. I guess one of your wheels hasn’t been built correctly and the hub is slightly out of line.

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how can it be ?

Badly made hub maybe, or bearing not seated correctly? Without looking at the hub and the bearing arrangement it would be impossible to say.
You could measure the overall hub width & see if anything is amiss there.

Ah was gonna say… not the wheel build itself cos the alignment is basically set by the bearings & spacing from the dropout.
Maybe the freehubs are subtly different.

Not missing a spacer on one of the hubs maybe? Otherwise there shouldn’t really be enough of a difference between hubs to completely throw out the shifting

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They’re all 11sp hubs, with the same 11sp cassette, which I took off nice and cleanly, then reinstalled.
I’ve been swapping cassettes for years without this problem, it’s really annoyed me!!!

It’s a whole cog different - I cannot get down to the 11T sprocket with one of the wheelsets, and it jumps all over the top three.

Have you measured the relative distances between the dropout contact point and the beginning/end of the freehub? First validate there is a difference (which from what you say there probably is), as once you have factual evidence you could maybe contact the manufacturer. Is it just one wheelset that is out from the others?

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I’ll do that.

I think it’s just one wheelset, but I don’t (yet) know which one!

I don’t think this is too unusual with three different hubs; I have to index gears when swapping wheels sometimes - if you find out which one is out you could shim the back of the cassette so they’re all consistent


Cheers - you got the link to that?


Same number of washers on axle or different washer width. It could be pretty simple to get position identical with couple of washers

It’s the exact same cassette - just transferred from one wheel to another.
There are no spare washers or anything different - truly perplexing!

Washer on axle not cassette. If there is one more washer on drive side then the whole wheel is shifter left slightly

Spacing on the hub will be identical, or should be near enough identical