Which IM

I was originally all for IM Lanza next year, but I think I need to be realistic and my current weight, fitness etc I need a long run up. I havent really started training properly yet as I have been busy on the home front.

So what other races do people recommend later in the year? I have looked at Vichy in the past so that is an option. I want something in Europe, something with a bit of additional challenge to it, for example Lanza has the wind and hills, Vichy has the possibility of very hot and non wetsuit swim.

Not at all interested in Wales or Bolton


I have mentioned this before but really fancy Nice and Vitoria-Gastiez, IM Finland looked lovely at the weekend. Logistically Nice is by far the simplest for me but the heat on the marathon worries me. I don’t mind running in 25°C or less is fine but 28°C+ :scream:. There’s a fair bit of climbing but most is fairly steady, low grade, long climbs and the descents I have seen are alright.
Vitoria-Gastiez being a bit cooler but a bit more faff getting there.

Just looking at Nice at the minute. Getting there would be easy enough. Dont mind steady climbs, but yeah the heat could be an issue. I think once at Vichy it was something stupid like 30 something and the locals were standing in their gardens hosing down the runners

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When’s Nice? Always fancied that for the scenery/ weather



its not ment to be easy :slight_smile:

Portugal, Cascais?

September 12th this year. Guess the 11th next year

Fcks sake - Wales is just getting in the way now

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Flights arent bad for Nice, but the accommodation is quite expensive for what you get

Yup! I was there doing the half when it was still a challenge event (2012). 42 degrees!!! Absolute torture. And they had a few years at that temp.

Nice 2 years ago was also a killer. I was just spectating but bonkers hot and they reduced the distances.

I think for end June to august, wherever you go in souther Europe you risk extreme heat or storms now. The sad reality.

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It may be back to its June date next year. Worth checking.

Edit: I realise the 70.3 is September and full is June.

Is September the new permanent time slot for Nice? It always used to be at the end of June.

I think most of the Euro races will be hot over Summer. At Nice you’re probably riding up the big climb for over an hour at a pace where you’re not getting much breeze to cool you down. The run course has basically got no shade apart from a bit near the airport at the turnaround point until quite late in the day, so it really does get hot. They have showers on the course to cool you down, but they are a bit of a mixed blessing because you get wet feet.

I don’t know to be honest. It’s September this year but not sure if that’s permanent

Cascais In September is a good shout.

Lisbon is easy to get to. It’s an hours drive along the coast. Sheltered sea swim in the harbour. Bike course will have a bit of everything. Hopefully the summer temps will have dropped for the run.

I’ve said it a few times before, I loved the 70.3 there a few years ago. School term times could be a killer for you though.

What about Mallorca? That’s October this year. No idea if that’s it’s usual spot on the calendar though

Kids arent coming so school term will be fine :slight_smile:

I think I need to create a spreadsheet or something. There are loads that look good Mallorca, Cascais, Thun, Austria, Italy, Barcelona, all September or October which gives me much more time to be ready than May

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Austria is normally june/July isn’t it?

Oh is it? Guess everything has been moved because of Covid. Its September 19th this year

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Lisbon to Cascais is very easy by train too. It runs right along the coast.

Yeah, Austria is usually July and usually baking hot

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