Who smells a lot of weed cycling to work?

Maybe it’s just me, but literally every journey I can smell the herb coming from a passing vehicle or two. Not on really is it.

Maybe it should be in the rant thread. Man.

When I commuted by bike, yep, every day. Usually a White Van Man.

Pretty much everyday. Not just cars but people walking on the pavement too

It was driving and partaking that seemed a bit entitled.

+1 every day

Yep, me too.
I have a theory that most of the cigarette smokers have switched to vaping so most of the “cigarettes” you see are actually weed.

Yep. Running along the Thames Path I smell it at least 2 or 3 times, in the space of 1/2 hour! Everyone’s doing it. STINKS.

very common into london, surprised they function at 7.30am.

Reading town centre stinks of it day and night.

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Yes all the time. Seems these days its not a taboo or even a crime worth worrying about. I was sat in a pub garden not long ago and a group of lads were smoking away on some joints. No one batted an eye lid.

In MK on the redways there are lots of underpases and you go through those and its like a Cheech and Chong movie.

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I don’t mind people doing it when they’re not driving; maybe I’m over thinking it’s cognitive effects. I mean, would people drive along to work in the morning with a can of Stella?

Caveat - never tried the stuff as it was a dismissible offence in the Forces, and we were drug tested quite regularly. Now I’m just not fussed anyway.

I like to think there’s less chance of road rage, where with a tin of Wife Beater, the chance is increased.

I think driving under the influence is not a good idea. But the rest of the time I couldn’t give a flying fuck if people smoke it. I tried it a few times as a teen, didn’t really do much for me.

I do see the odd person walking along drinking a stella or tennents super of a morning. Whatever gets them through the day I guess.

I mentioned it at work and apparently ,you can buy weed smelling e Fags refills ,

When I used to run along the canal at lunchtime I often would in the summer.

Back in the summer, I noticed some of our 9yr old daughter’s clothes stank of it. It took a while to figure out what it was. I’d bought her a new wetsuit, and anything that came into contact with it stank. Strangely the wetsuit itself did not reek of the reefer. But for a while we had a few items of clothing around the house that stank until I consigned the wetsuit to a bin liner in the garage!

Did you stop first?

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Lunchtime wasn’t long enough. Puff, Puff, Run. :star_struck: :cookie::cookie::cookie:

It’s mainly CBD eCigs.
Also, as cigarettes are now so expensive, people have moved (back) to rolling tobacco (for the cool kids who still do it ‘proper’)
If you keep your little baggy of marijuana in your ‘baccy box/pouch, then it ends up infusing the scent into your rolling ‘baccy.
Every ciggie you then roll smells of the weed :shamrock:
Or so my “friend” tells me :smirk:

Lots of the kids I work with are regularly are on weed but they won’t touch alcohol!

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