Winter gear

I’ve just got a load of DHB bibs, leg warmers and Decathlon base layers & bright green gloves for commuting. Also a DHB Flashlight waterproof jacket.

Recently got an Endura Primaloft SL Jacket for £48 on eBay. No idea how much use I’ll get from it, as I ‘run hot’ …but it’s a lovely piece of kit!

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For running I have three different waterproof tops of various warmth levels from a super thin Salomon to an amazing ASICS fashion collaboration I found for sale. Leggings for the win. Saucony peregrines for the feet.

For cycling I have one pair of thermal Castelli long bibs, but also bought their thermal leg and arm warmers for this winter. Lightweight Rapha jacket, and a heavier Rapha jacket for wind and light rain, and then a brand new Santini thermal long sleeved top that I got at IM Wales for really cold days. Need new shoe covers!

For swimming … who swims?

I’m going old fashioned (ie not Lycra) for autumn/winter short bike commutes. Haven’t found a source for kit yet.

Whats ‘winter’ ?? :hot_face:

Any tips on footwear when it starts to get icy?

Got cold feet (pun intended) last year after early breaking my neck on some black ice in my normal road shoes…

Nothing will help against ice on tarmac, except maybe wearing chain or stud grips over your shoes.

In winter I move to trail running to avoid the ice and I wear saucony peregrines, but also hear good things about Salomon trail shoes. You need proper lugged soles.

Altura Night Vision bib tights / Castelli 3/4 Nanoflex
Endura Road II Overshoes (for the wet days)
Aldi “Sealskinz” socks
Northwave Arctic Gore-Tex carbon plated boots
Helly Hansen LS Jersey
Club Roubaix LS Jersey
FWE Coldharbour Gloves / Altura Fleece Autumn gloves
Buff / Club Cap
Castelli Squadra Cape / GoreTex ShakeDry / Decathlon super winter thick thermal jacket / Aldi reflective commuting jacket

Normal stuff - just sling in an Aldi (Crane?) reflective running jacket, or a Dunlop safety vest
Helly Hansen LS top
Kalenji / Karrimor gloves
Skins tights
I don’t change my shoes and just go out in my standard training shoes.

Game changers for me are Seal Skins merino waterproof socks and Saucony’s waterproof version of the Kinvara.

Like you say, nothing will protect against ice other than spikes.

Deecnt lugs are needed then for the trails, but that depends on the makeup of the trail. if it’s proper sloppy mud, then there are very few trail shoes that can cope in my experience - something like an Inov8 Mudclaw. If it’s more of a mix of grass, rock, stones, mud etc then 3-4mm lugs will be needed. Loads of good brands, as with most things it’ll depend on fit. But Salomon, Inov8, Scott, Dynafit, Salewa, Adidas Terrex etc are all good.

A decent merino base layer is a must have for me in the cold. I’ve also got a nice long sleeved gore cycling jersey that i use for running when it gets really cold. Coupled up with my Omm lightweight waterproof and i’m good to go. I run hot, so shorts all the way. Can’t remember the last time i wore tights.

Oh and a buff. Most versatile piece of equipment i own!

I bought some seal kins socks, but haven’t ever used them. And come to think of it, don’t acutally know where they are! must try to find them!

If it’s wet, the Sportful ‘UK Rain Jacket’ is a good piece of kit. Another eBay find for me (£20!). Huge scooped tail (can be stowed), and big side zipper vents with heavy duty material. Gets used way more than my expensive Endura Pro260SL boil-in-the-bag with no vents! Only thing it doesn’t have is a rear pocket. There is really no rain jacket to rule them all, unless that’s the Assos Strumprinz, but that’s >£300 so I haven’t triedi t!

Was out running last night in my shorts and t shirt and ran past another runner in running tights, jacket, gloves and a hat…blimey don’t know what he is going to be wearing when it does get cold :cold_face:


I generally find the weather pretty ‘mild’ until January, many a time I’ve been running in shorts/t-shirt in December here.

I’ve a friend just like that. He’s always fair game for all our pi$$ taking. We wnet out last week, myself and a couple of the other boys were in shorts and vest, he was in base layer, light jacket and gloves! We were joking about just how mild it was as X was only wearing one pair of gloves and no hat! :rofl:

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I’ve got a mix of stuff for the bike. Mostly Assos long bibs and winter socks. I have a Rapha rain jacket which is 7yrs old and still waterproof (it’s white though!).
By far my most useful winter piece when it’s dry is the old style Rapha winter type jersey, I can’t even remember what it’s proper name was but it’s a kind of bronze, autumn colour. Bloody thing is amazing!

I have a couple of the Gore skull caps, great for running and riding. Various gloves, mostly Assos and one pair of very versatile ALEs that were on offer at Wiggle.

It’s the running where I need to kit up. I have some very old 3/4 Gore tights which are still gong but hardly the height of sartorial elegance. A couple of very lose long sleeved tees and an Asics lightweight running jacket that i bought on offer, which has been surprisingly waterproof but would pass a mandatory check for taped seams.

I have £70 in vouchers to use at the OMM site before Dec. Can’t decide between some full length tights or put it towards a w/p jacket.

I was trying to find a w/p jacket that would double for mtb duties but found it too hard, so need one of those as well.

Is that the merino wool one, with drawcords on the tail?
I love mine, but I’m allergic to wool! So have to wear a long sleeve top underneath it, along with a neck gator thing.

Just treated myself to these -

If I’m gonna ride to work all winter I think I deserve them :smile:

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Just looked it up, it’s the Long Sleeved Club Jersey pictured here (I have the one on middle) lovely piece of kit.

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I am one of the few people who rides through the Swiss winter, however, having the right clothing is essential

Last year I invested in Assos iJ.Bonka.6 Cento jacket and BONKA EVO BIB TIGHTS and Bonka Gloves. Probably cost more than an Armani Suit. I have Merino wool socks and Lake CX145 shoes, I wear a thermal hat under my helmet and a skiing buff. Normally I also wear a thing merino wool top. It may be expensive but works really well down to -10 degrees, the advantage of good quality clothing is that it is suitable for a very wide range of temperatures


I assume that like in Bavaria, your choice of road riding is more limited during winter i.e. a lot of the back roads aren’t cleared regularly. I’m trying to think back to how much outdoor winter riding I did; first winter there was mild (07/08), so plenty…the next two were way more snow, so I think I did do loads in the basement. I certainly had some ‘memorable’ MTB rides where I was constantly falling off in the snow :sweat_smile: