Winter Riding Kit

Right then, TT massive, I’m after some decent winter outdoor riding kit, after spending yesterday 3 hours in the rain and cold.
Specifically, decent bib tights, overshoes and gloves for wet / cold winter riding

Been looking into ‘rainproof’ bib tights like the Castelli Tutto Nano.

And decent waterproof gloves, anyone? Are the planet X crab ones that are a tenner any good?

Thanks all!

I bought a Rapha winter jersey this week. Not a jacket, just a thick warm jersey:

Rapha winter jersey

My favourite winter top is the Santini Ironman Wales jersey. Have been trying to find it online to buy another one, but no luck so far. Flocked inner, thick fabric, perfect for cold days.

Single best item is a shakedry jacket. Insane. Chuck it in a pocket and you can go with a lighter long sleeve jersey and layer if needed. Breathable, light, space age!

Castelli winter bibshorts are fantastic.

Castelli toe warmers.

@Poet is probably vomiting from my mix and match approach to kit.

Other good stuff:

Gilets. Some really lightweight ones that you can stuff in a pocket and use to layer up. People swear by the Rapha insulated one. It is on my Christmas list.

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As with any outdoor activity where you’re ‘active’ you have to accept that you’re not going to stay completely dry, so the priority is warmth. Temperature management.

Windstopper bib shorts/tights are a must imho. I have some Gore Next2Skin bib shorts I wear with windstopper leg warmers when it’s wet/cold. I wear Sealskinz socks with neoprene or rainproof overshoes. I put the tops of the booties under the tights, but even then your feet are going to get soaked, unless you wear a drysuit! So all about warmth.

I love Castelli WS stuff, and if it’s wet/mild, I just wear a Perfetto Light/Gabba with base layer and warmers. If dry and cold, I wear an Alpha Light jkt as I run hot.

As far as rain shells, I’m yet to find the perfect one. I have an expensive Endura Pro SL, but it has no ventilation, a short back and I sweat like hell in it. So I bought a Sportful UK Rain Jacket on eBay for £20 and it’s way better!

Money no object? I’d like to try the Assos Sturmprinz jacket with some Equipe RS Winter bib tights. But that’s a near £700 combo.