Yoga / Pilates

It was when I was sat cross-legged, well actually my knees were near my ears :sob: & although sat on a pillow my hips ached…my upper back/swimmers shoulders were crying :joy:

Scheduled PE session for home school?

I’ve started following some of the Calisthenics YT channels. I’m not interested in HIIT because I get my cardio fix already, just want to work on core and general strength. Most importantly, the calisthenics stuff focuses on functional strength and is quite fun to do. My girls love doing it too.

My 7yo doesn’t like team sports and isn’t good at/hates general cardio but loves climbing stuff. Looking forward to the local climbing centres reopening and her turning 8.

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Is that an age restriction, or just a general observation?

Just our climbing centre down here will take 4+ on the clip ‘n’ climb, and i think it’s the same if i were to belay (as a member) for my kids on the main, top roped walls.

that’s got me pining. It’s been a year since i last climbed now!

oh yesh! that, and sit on the ground with legs splayed out and put your elbows on the floor - now, you’re just having a fucking laugh. and the crow position - it’s not designed to be done by 17stone ex-props in their late 60s. I can manage it for about a microsecond.


I think it’s their age restriction but it’s been a while since I checked.

I did a ropes course at the XC in Hemel Hempstead so with a bit of a refresher should be able to belay for her. I live near Arch North, a bouldering centre but not been yet. I do like climbing and would be happy to take her regularly once we can.

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My daughter and her friend were climbing from a similar age. She did as many nicas awards as she could getting the level 3 aged 10, which nicas say is broadly equivalent to GCSE. They then closed the wall for refurb and when they eventually re-opend they didn’t do the kids sessions. Then did them on one night, when she couldn’t do it.

Yeah, it’s not… You could do NICAS level 3 as part of a PE GCSE, but you’d need more than happens in just the climbing lessons, at least with Otter’s NICAS 3. No lessons for Otter since the first lockdown which was pretty annoying she was really getting into it and with the bouldering lessons she’d just finished actually started getting a good feel for climbing rather than simply using her strength/balance from parkour.

I’m fully bought in to Adrienne :slight_smile: but mostly Benji, although I don’t do it as often as I could/should.
Enjoy using her pre/post run sets too which are only 8mins or so (and amazing for psyching people out at races).
She’s also quite good at acknowledging that some won’t be able to do this and just working with what you’ve got is okay ! (phew).

It really shows how lazy we are at stretching, you recognise many of the stretches from classic static post run stretches etc but having to hold good form at the same time is HARD. When stretching typically you move or slouch to make it easier (/less effective), do the same stretch as part of Yoga and you realise just how much.

Final point… breathing and focus from Yoga really helped with my 100miler last year at points where my HR was high and working a bit too hard, just relaxing and focussing on easy breathing madea difference.


I tried an Abi Carver 15 minute video last night on the recommendation from here. Review below;

  • Voice not too annoying
  • Speaking kept to a minimum (Adrienne, take note)
  • Short enough that I don’t get bored
  • Easy enough for an inflexible plank like me
  • Something for the Dads

One of my friends has been Abi-ing for a while. I know why! :rofl:

I’m gonna stick with the one i’m doing for the 30 days, then go from there.


Day 4 done, we’re enjoying it.

Took me a while to settle this evening. I lost it a bit when she kicked Benji away as he was licking his nads :joy:


I’ve been struggling all day for a gap. Just been for a run, so cooling down before I do my session. Really don’t want to be doing it now, but committing to hitting this 30.

Biggest problem we have here is space to actually do it. I normally do it in my daughter’s bedroom, but she’s obviously asleep. There’s just enough room in the lounge, but Mrs GB is watching telly and it’s right next to the fire, which is roaring right now. If it was summer I’d do it outside

Mrs Hen subscribes to a package called Beach Body, loads of online workout programs in one place.
I began practising yoga ( apparently that’s what you do ) at the start of lockdown 1 and have continued most days.


Same problem in my house for virtual sessions. Not always easy. Thankfully my partner quite like soaking in a bath or sitting in bed watching tv. Leaves me the lounge to do Pilates. Still not quite big enough but it’s ok.

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Yeah, we’re lucky that our kids don’t disturb us other than to stick their head around the door & take the piss. We’ve not got a lot of room with sofas & stuff so we’re quite close together, I spend a lot of my time concentrating on my core trying not to fart. I feel that might spoil the moment.


How was today @Doonhamer?

First time I’ve had to put my legs down, recover and get going again! :pensive:

Really, I did it twice :joy:

I did break early & was wobbling all over the place. I’ve no idea how she can chat away through it.

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I think (know) I fell asleep at the end of that one. Doing the lying on the floor but then all of a sudden, adverts are playing on YouTube! :joy: :sleeping:


Yeah that’s when I should be measuring my RHR for the 10km challenge :sleeping:

My wife absolutely murdered me - not that it’s a competition - doing the cross-legged leaning forward stuff. My hips just screamed NOOOOOOO :pleading_face:

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