Your favourite song

This is a favourite game of my kids and it does drive me mad at times. What’s your favourite band, favourite film, favourite ice cream flavour etc etc etc.

So spreading the love. What’s your favourite song, and why?

Mine is Metallica, Nothing Else Matters.

Im not one for meanings in songs, whether they are hidden or blindingly obvious, and what I like about this song is I think it let’s you decide what the “nothing” is. As in nothing else matters but this one thing.

I think its a lovely song and there are so many versions and each of them are great in their own way.

I play it so often that my wife and kids hate it, so they’ll be in for a shock when I die and they read my wishes for my final send off.


Favourite song? Difficult. Probably will be a different one every day. Will think about that…
Favourite song of right now? Fandango (the actress in the video really helps!)

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Must say I do like reminding myself Albert is smart, he’s a genius.

Orbital - Halcyon on and on ( the Brown album version ) maybe…

I came to this album late, but couldn’t stop playing in the final months at art school preparing for my degree show, so nice memories attached to lots of paint on, paint off messy turpsy final flurry heaven in the now defunct Mac building before we got tossed out into the world

Or - Sunscreem - perfect motion ( junior boys own mix ) when I first discovered house music

Stone cold classic ( featured on my latest mix online :wink::laughing: )

But there’s so much I really like so …

*** Edited - Saw mention of Pearl Jam’s rearviewmirror - I love that song too, and Leash


This would be up there for me, showcasing the wonderful Dee Dee Bridgewater and remixer extrordinare Larry Levan

Joy Division - Disorder. Possibly has been so since I first heard it; I’d bought Unknown Pleasures because I’d just got into New Order and found out they were a band called Joy Division, plus a vocalist.

I expected something a bit New Order-esque and this was track 1 side 1 - what came out of the speakers blew my mind. Absolutely nothing I’d ever heard before sounded remotely like it, and I’d knew I’d found the music I’d been looking for.


Bit of Meat Loaf at the moment. I’d have to choose between Heaven Can Wait and Rear View Mirror. Probably Rear View Mirror, I’m a sucker for a song that’s a story.


I’m not sure I have one favourite song - all depends on the time and mood I’m in

but one that never fails to give me a smile and a lift is the Isley Brothers “Summer Breeze”


This is incredibly diffiult to decide. Like most, i don’t think i have a single favourite song. More songs for certain moods or that are linked to specific memories i guess. Song meaning is nothing to me though, i don’t ‘listen’ to the lyrics.

I’ll go for this.


Running songs- “Happy” by the Mission always ups the tempo/effort for exactly 3 minutes… And ,strangely , “dedicated follower of fashion” by the kinks.- Cant help but sing /bounce along ( Particularly when I just to run past “the boutiques of london town”) - Not sure what will happen when it comes on and i’m swimming…

I remember trying to run to “We will Rock You”. but step,step jump is a really offputting beat…

Just plain favourite… Like a lot of you, different favourites at different times.


Very hard to pick one, almost equal billing I think:

Lateralus by TOOL
Alive by Pearl Jam


Ten is a great album to cycle too, in Spain I used to whack it on before pedalling a ten mile climb up from velez Malaga to competa. Fucking awesome man


Fuck I love Spain - have I mentioned that :rofl:

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Not sure about picking just one, the top ten would probably involve Tubeway Army/Gary Numan who coincidentally released his first single 44 years ago today, which I bought - feeling old


the opening bars to Cars is one of the most distinguishable starts to a track ever…


Simply too many to pick a best but i chanced upon this recently which just made me stop and re listen to an old classic…

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fandango is a good un ta Andy

Mine is this one, OBVS!!! :sweat_smile:

Even as an early Metallica fan, Nothing Else Matters is indeed a great song.
There’s no way I can pick just one.
I’d have to say
America by Simon and Garfunkel.
Or The Pot by Tool.
Or Scattered Black and White by Elbow
Or All The Way Down by Biffy Clyro.


Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street


Now when you pissed all over my black kettle :wink:

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