Your Forum needs YOU!

Morning, you’ll all be aware that the Forum gets only a small amount of money from affiliate links and the like. ‘Hammerer’ is working on reducing the ‘footprint’ on the Internet so that the running costs can be reduced; he is funding this site on a monthly basis, with a few contributions from the rest of us.

Essentially, I am asking all of you to consider what value you place on this Forum, and if you would like to make a financial contribution to its running costs, no matter what the amount. Given what we all spend on our endurance sport hobby, the amount to support our Site is relatively small-fry! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, please ‘give generously’ if you have PayPal sent gift to admin at tritalk dot co dot uk. If you dont via link here although that attracts a fee


I’ve not really frequented the new site at all… and rather lost track of everything. However I’m more than happy to contribute a little bit to keep everything going.

Do we have any idea (or can you point me in the direction of) how much our annual costs are? I don’t want to contribute £1000 if our costs are only £100. (OK, in your dreams :wink:) )

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It costs @Hammerer £30/month afaik. I have just sent him another £30 to add to the £25 a few months ago.

It’s like the Guardian website :joy::wink:


I don’t read the news; it’s propaganda :smile:

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Thanks for the reminder @Jorgan. Will send something over.

@Hammerer could you DM me the paypal details?

To be honest, there’s enough of us regulars that if we each setup a £1 per month standing order, all would be covered. And who misses a quid? I’ll commit to being the first to setup that on my side…


ditto - please send me Paypal details as well, thanks.

Me too, @Hammerer send me the details and I’ll lob a few quid in the kitty

yep its about 45USD p/m all in at the moment, ~26 for the old site, 10 for this, the backups are charged for , couple of dollars iirc plus the AWS fees for the domains, email server. Once i shut down the old site permanently it will make it far more affordable but the cost for 2.0 rises with disk space requirements so over the years will creep up again. Im going to give the old site another week, i think we had one hit this week and that was probably me! the archive scrape will remain on an S3 server that is a couple of quid a month so hopefully we have some history.

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DM me too please.

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Is there a reason why the PayPal details can’t be posted publicly? If so, can I suggest a DM ‘spam’ to all the regular users.

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yes they could

its the admin email address of admin “at” the url

I don’t have a PP account but can I pay into one? I’ll kick in a month’s worth

Can you setup a monthly transfer in Paypal?

Agreed. Happy to pay a couple of quid on standing order.

@Hammerer DM me the details please and I will set that up.

I am the same, is there a way to pay without having a PP account?

What about setting up a Patreon thing or similar?

Yeah, I’ve just been looking into setting up the recurring payment, and I can’t see a way to do it. There’s no clear standing order option, like there would be in my bank account app. There must be another avenue to make a regular contribution and not have to physically go through the process of making a new payment each month… :thinking:

I think you can pay to a PP account without signing up if you have the app.