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Glad it’s not just me… I was coming back on here to ask if anyone knows how to set up a regular payment on Paypal… anyone? I’ve been on Google and nobody seems to have an answer how to do this.

Alternatively, is there a way to do it the other way round - ie Carl - can you set up something at your side that draws our payment out each month (rather like a subscription)?

My Doris runs PayPal
I buy and sell on eBay and my balance is good at the min …

I’ll put in

What are we thinking…!?

This allows a one of or regular donation. I’ll try and add it somewhere and to @Jorgan sticky above


I reckon we could say, 24 regular users kick in £15 and cover a year, or 12 regular users kick in £30 and still cover a year. But don’t want to shame anyone into doing that.

If we could raise enough in one donation to cover a year, then we wouldn’t need the regular donation.



It came back with an error message so I may have donated twice… :grinning:

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Personally, I’d rather just setup the small recurring payment, and know it’s done and I can forget about it. With a “funding drive”, we’d need to keep revisiting that each year or whatever.

I’ve also setup mine now as well off that link.

done once!

I have noticed that the link is being charge for, typical PayPal nothing is free (unlike a transfer from account to account by the normal way) 33p for a £1 a month donation and 59p from a £10 donation

Oh, bugger. I’ll cancel it then. For the sake of 30s of effort each month, I’d rather TT get the whole amount.

Paid £1.

Thats it, baked beans for the weekend haha.


Good shout. I’ve donated :money_mouth_face:

Ouch, hang on… donating one third of our payments to flippin’ Paypal ain’t going to wash with me, seems ridiculous… I’m going to go back to the drawing board and think of something…

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Does that depend on how much you send him? I paid £1.50 to transfer £30; but yes, I did hesitate…then took into account how much time I spend here :tipping_hand_man:

I did it as a gift so no fees - my logic was that I’m not actually paying for good or services as (in theory) they’d happen anyway, albeit someone has to pay the bills.


yes it appears its a 2.9% + 30p set fee

I remember when i ran the tri club and we set up PayPal to stop the whinging entitled mob because bank transfers are too hard, but it cost the club a fortune. Had to over price kit, up members fees. That went down well also :wink:

Oh right, I already had you in my payment history, so why did I pay to set-up again? I’ll mark it as a gift next time!

I did get your full amount @Jorgan so did you pay a fee up front to just transfer? so yes if doing a paypal - paypal direct transfer its a gift and no costs. if using the link i set up above we get charged the fee as its a “business link” and not a standard feature.

I had you in my previous payments (your name CB) so just clicked on that.

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Perhaps we should set up club kit now for the Team TriTalk members :wink: