Your Kona Picks - 2019

I remember there was lots of wonderment that on certain sections of the bike one year she was going as fast/faster as the men. And not small sections, I think wasn’t it like a long mile stretch of the Queen K on the way back. Something like that.

I can imagine what the poster was attempting to hint at.

Talk of motors I think. But all entirely circumstantial. No idea if that’s what they mean.

Her dominance is always going to raise questions. I guess because of the depth of female fields in endurance sports/athletics, you’re more likely to get someone dominate.

Male fields seem to be more closely matched. Even the likes of Mark Allen during his reign was always challenged, and he didn’t decimate the opposition every time he raced.

I remember that discussion and they eventually came to the conclusion that there was nothing in it. I think it was a section after the turnaround where the men got a headwind but it switch to a tail wind for the women which largely explained the data.

Thanks all, I missed that bit of speculation last year.

I’ve read that she had the third fastest split for the last 60 k of the bike.
Wurf and Joe S were the only males who beat her in the last third time wise …!?

I always assumed this was true and if it is…
That is HUGE!

She’ll be there in a jiffy.


Boxing is full of it…
That would be awful for Triathlon.

I am not saying anything against Ryf but if we’re questioning her purely on her dominance, then surely with her coach being who he is, it would be logical to ask the same question of Chrissie Wellington?

Yes it would. I often wondered why she never talked about her training with any specifics, and how she went from AGer to Kona champ inside 18 months. Not read her books, but did go to one of her talks a few years back; motivational rather than insightful from a training/prep perspective. I saw her in Bristol a few years ago, she still looked in amazing shape. Just one of those life-long super-fit and go-getting types.

The women’s field has been dominated so many times though…PNF, Badmann, CW, Ryf…how many wins between them?! I make it around 22? (8/6/4/4)

Are we just using this thread on Saturday? I’ll not be using FB other than to actually watch the live stream.

The Inios 1:59 could also be on Saturday. Not checked out how to follow that yet but I’m guessing it will also be on be Facebook.

Her books go into a it a bit.
Reading between the lines (boom boom) she was running miles and miles a week before she even tried triathlon, both in London and in Nepal (? ) (who goes for 3 hour runs if they aren’t training for anything?!? :flushed: )

Yeah that will be dope to watch


It’s on Eurosport and the BBC website. But it’s only the “window” opens on Saturday. They technically could start any time within a 10 day period of time, depending on when they consider to be optimal conditions. That said, I imagine a Saturday daytime slot is peak publicity, so they’ll try and go with that if they can

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How many times did Rinny win?

Also on INEOS YouTube channel apparently.
Window for the attempt is 12th-14th now, with Saturday being most likely apparently.

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Cool. Useful to know.

Youtube is also correct. Obviously the 1:59 youtube channel is the once place it definitely will be!

3 which by mens’ standards has only been done 4 times iirc