Your Kona Picks - 2019

  1. McNamee 2. Lange 3. Wurf
  2. Ryf 2. Charles-Barclay 3. Crowley

Having seen some of the stuff on YouTube now; I appreciate what Wurf is trying to do, but it feels like he’s trying too hard, it’s just not organic.

What are people’s Saturday plans?

It is the one day per year where my wife tolerates a turbo trainer inside our actual living space.

I’m thinking Kona on the big TV, turbo in front of it, bring out the potted plant that looks a bit like a palm tree. Beach boys on loop and wearing speedos like Faris. Hop on after the swim and see how many hours I can tolerate ‘Kokomo’. Curtains definitely shut.

Best case can make it to T2 without getting divorced. After that swap turbo for sofa, the beer will come out and the run will become a battle of attrition as usual- can I make it to mile 5 before falling asleep?

Sunday morning wake up with stiff legs and a slight headache to find out Lange and Ryf’s margins of victory.


My wife’s away working all weekend.

Saturday: Rugby, Turbo, Kona. I’ve always lasted the course to men’s and women’s pro races, this year couple of mates racing so will try and hang on until they’re home and hosed as well, expecting them to do around 11 hours.

Always watch with full concentration as you need to triangulate the FB coverage, IM tracker and the ST/TT threads in order to keep track of events so turbo is before not during.

Can’t wait!


That’s fab.

I will just be on the sofa with a beer, the big tv and laptop

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I’m actually going to have 2 days off this weekend. Will half watch the swim whilst we make dinner for family etc; then once the kids are settled I sit down with the laptop & a few beers for the long haul!

The living room is kind-of out of action at the moment due to building work; although I might get one of the sofas & the TV back into action for Sat night. Last year I stayed-up until Joe Skipper finished, and it was obvious Ryf was going to win again.

Despite my predictions, I would truly love to see Joe win.

Club run & S&C in the morning so will miss rugby.
Club swim 5-6pm so will miss start.
Then I will be sofa bound (laptop plugged into TV, phone for forums) with cider but won’t make it to the end of the bike without falling asleep. Then there will be intermittent dozing/watching until the result looks set and I give up and go to bed.
Last few years that’s been relatively early, hoping for a tighter race (probably only in the men’s) to take it to the end.

I’m laid up on the sofa after a knee op, Sky planner is empty & Saturday couldn’t come soon enough. I’m in for the long haul :).

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I’m at a christening in Scotland this weekend. Be a bit rude if I find myself a corner and sit behind the iPad :sob: Will have to catch up later on the Sunday along with the NFL

Is that in the video by LIONel’s videographer?

I’ll have the swim on my phone, whilst making supper, then watch standard Saturday night TV, go to bed, wake up and find out what happened…might dip in and out of it.

Yes, the Talbot Cox one. He uses his mouth, whereas the Germans use their racing to get into people’s heads. The latter is way more effective.

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Probably the same as me. I’ll have it streaming on the google home in the kitchen whilst i make dinner etc. Then will probably leave it on there as i#m in and out of the lounge/kitchen until the littlies go down.

Then apologise to my wife, boot up the laptop for the TT and tracker etc and stream on the ipad. Once the wife gets bored and goes to bed then i’ll ping the footage to the tv. There’s a small chance, that the wife may even agree to watching her tv stuff on the ipad. Couple of beers and i’ll be happy

So is the TT chatter happening here this year then, cos it was mainly on FB last year …

I don’t do FB so all my inane observations will be on here, with the odd poke of the bear on ST about how Lionel isn’t doing well (or is going to blow up if he’s going well) - I’ve got nothing against the guy, in fact I’m a bit of a fan of his stubbornness , but they don’t half rise to it.

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It’s times like these I have to remind myself how lucky I am :grin:

I will watch it if I can, do have to be a FB member to watch it? If so, then I’m out.

I have the 10km at Newbury on the Sunday and Little One is in the 1mile Jnr race at 9.30.

Fatpom- I’m not on Facebook either, but my longsuffering wife is. So she logs on & then we hook things up to the Amazon Firestick

(She probably gets bike porn spam for the rest of the year as a result, but I haven’t said anything about that. Let sleeping dogs lie etc)

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What channel and when is it being aired?

Facebook live - think it normally starts at about 1700

Have you watched the full series?
With Lange, Ryf, LCB, et al.

If you have not, you can play “Who isn’t wearing Nike% whatever’s”

List of the Brit boys and girls to track on Saturday

In a cruel twist of fate, I unknowingly agreed to my gf moving in on Saturday :man_facepalming:Not only will there no doubt be a load of stuff to do, I’m not sure how well it’ll go down if the first day is me spent glued to a triathlon facebook stream. I have however dropped a few hints, and made reference to the guy from my club who’s out at the World Champs (response - “I thought we were at the world champs in Nice” … “that was the half distance world champs” … “oh, so this is the Hawaii one?” - she’s learning well!)

Off topic, but how do you do this? What can you stream on the video screen itself? I’ve often contemplated one, but have never been able to answer the question as to whether I could get BT sport / sky go / other video services working on it? It would make it a lot easier to have the football / other sport on whilst in the kitchen! I currently have my phone propped up on the kitchen towel!