Your latest smashfest in the hurtbox

Before IMJ existed on Facebook, there was this TT thread…

Managed to hold in a massive :poop: for at least 3*200m off 3:15, until it started to escape and a quick Evac was required.

Absolutely smashed my hurt box when I sat down.


Long run home tonight; #Igotthis

Going to lay-down some hurt on my piston-like quad rockets. I just hope in the melee, my work pass doesn’t fall out of my pocket, because it says I have ultra clearance & proficiency in combat arts declared illegal in 47 developed countries.

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Super stylin seafront slaying for me last night. Obliterated an 84 min half mara training run and #wasntevenwearingvapors - that means it was the equivalent of a sub 75 right?!



I mostly sat around, carbo loaded on the sofa, ready for Saturday. #Smashed it # Ive got this :rofl:


I ran to work and…

I’m going to run back. #boom #hurtlocker #gainz


Smash is a word used either to describe cheap potato substrate or to start the sentence which ends “her backdoors in”. As such, it’s not a word I have used for decades, and disturbs me when used to describe a workout.


Fully in the hurtbox last night, did a 30TT on the B30/1B, dragged myself through the guts of hell to 1:11:58 for a 25.1mph average on a course that has deeper craters than mars, never done over 25mph in anything other than a 10 before! :face_vomiting::grinning:


Can you use more superlatives please :yum:

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Such amazing tales from the hurtlocker. Just remember it is a privilege to be able to this and don’t forget the pics.

#blessed #barbietoes

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1000 burpes in 41 mins…

8 years ago

Never done one since, hurts to even think of them now

The end


Who’s old enough to know that if you truly mean business you will ‘crush it like a grape’ :wink:


Or if you wanna be all millenial about it then smash it like an avocado (with smoked salmon, chives and sourdough bread of course)

That’s so 2009 :rofl:

It’s bagel, poached egg and sriracha now. Topped with maple syrup streaky bacon

I live in the SW. It takes a while for these things to filter down!

Maple syrup and bacon :face_vomiting: - - >:us: :cow: :poop:

Gotta love the SW. where be that that blackbird too…

Well i’m Welsh, so it’d be an even weirder mash up! :joy:

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Me too

@Mungo2 here you go. Time to impress the assembled ‘masses’. Maximum dropping of names, superlatives and anything else :100:

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Just for you @Mungo2 :wink:

What’s all the fuss about the weather? If it ain’t raining it ain’t trainin’. I had a hoofing sesh yesterday, employing some serious strength & guile to deploy a smashfest upon the landscape like a titan sent by the gods of Amphibia to rain hell on all the crow-bags that dared look my way.