Your Long Distance Palmares

Consider this your Safe Space, especially if you don’t have a tattoo :smile: We all know it’s about the Iron distance, even though we might not like it… right :crazy_face:

I suspect I’m firmly mid-pack in my haul.

Artistically I have set the bar low for you.

Challenge Roth, Austria, Regensburg, Austria, Frankfurt, Cotswold 226, Outlaw & Hamburg.


Now they’re all back here except the pottery 226 one, which is mounted on a beam in the kitchen.

In order: Frankfurt, Wales, Bolton, Lanzarote, Forestman, Wales, Bolton, Wales, Barcelona, Italy, Florida, Wales, Cozumel.

Highlights: every finish under 12 hours. 2 sub 10 finishes. All runs under 4 hours except the first (36 deg Frankfurt run at 4:00:38, and an utter heat induced last 7 mile meltdown At Cozumel, 4 hrs 38 mins when chasing KQ). Missed KQ by 3mins, 6 mins, 8 mins and 11 mins.

Next up: Wales 2019, Kona 2020 (legacy).

Do I get the job then ?


Oh and I should add: number of tattoos: nil

Longest Day, Norseman, Lanza, Switzerland, Alpe dHuez? , Wales, Wales, Lanza, Alpe dHuez?, Lanza.

Pre Longest Day a couple of Halves in Llanberis remember those HIMUK and 2 long distance age group worlds Nice and Ibiza

Tatts oh yes!
Divorce nearly!

My little boy used to think every medal I got was because I won (clearly I did nothing to dissuade him).
The look of contempt he gave me when he learnt to read and saw they all merely said “Finisher” on them…

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Wales and, err, … do ultras count? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tat’d like f*ck. :smirk:

Medals rusting/corroding in the shed!


waits for TC’s contribution


Luckily I don’t do tats

IMUK (Sherborne)
Longest Day
Grand Columbian
IMUK (Sherborne)
IM Arizona
Challenge Copenhagen
Challenge Henley
IM Wales
City to Summit
IM Kalmar
Cotswold 226

and also
ITU LC worlds Almere 4/120/30


Forestman 2008 (1st IM)
Forestman 2009 (4th overall, more than four people entered)
Outlaw 2010
Outlaw 2011 (20th overall, 2nd in AG)
Outlaw 2012…
…Went to fallow
Outlaw 2019 (does that count?)

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He’s in this month’s 220.

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no :wink:


IMUK 2013
IMWales 2015
IMUK 2017
IMUK 2019

Glutten for punishment.


Outlaw - 2014
South Africa - 2016
Wales - 2017
Outlaw - 2019 (:disappointed_relieved:)

All my medals are hanging off the toilet tank in our upstairs loo.

No tats

IM Austria 2007
IM France 2008
IM Switzerland 2009
Roth 2010
IM Lanza 2013
IM France 2014
IM Austria 2015
IM Wales 2015
IM Tenby 2016
Outlaw 2017
Retired from long distance 2018
IM Lanza 2019

Wear my medals to work everyday, guarantees a double seat to myself on public transport every trip


Wow. you obviously like Wales. That will be my last IM distance in 2021.

What happened in 2011?
If you can say / don’t mind me asking!

I will be bottom of the list with just 2…

Frankfurt 2008
Outlaw 2013

But hey a tatoo on each leg…

Joking :grinning:

The joys of 10 months of unemployment!

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Nope - look up. I’m on one!!

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