Your Long Distance Palmares

Nice one GB i feel better now :grinning:

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Also just one. Copenhagen 2018.

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I’m with you.

Forestman 2011
Outlaw 2017
7/8ths of Ironman Switzerland 2019 :man_facepalming:

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IM Austria 2008
IM Germany 2009
Norseman 2009
Forestman 2010
Enduroman Double 2010
Forestman 2011
Roth 2011
Outlaw 2011
Euduroman Quintuple 2012
Midnight Man 2012

Big Woody 2010 (panic attack on bike descending so gave up halfway through bike)
Anglian 2013 (3 weeks after Arch To Arc and just wanted to go home and have some beers so gave up halfway through run)
Midnight Man 2015? (not much training and got cold trying to take it easy, gave up halfway through bike)

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My list is:-

2006 IM Austria
2007 IM Switzerland
2008 IM Lanza
2009 IM Nice
2010 IM Lanza
2011 IM St George
2012 IM Lanza
2014 IM Lanza
2015 IM Lanza
2018 IM Lanza

As you can probably get, I like Lanza :rofl:


My medals for my IMs and other events are shoved into drawers and cupboards around the house. When we get round to moving one day I’ll find them all and maybe consolidate them into one place.

For medal nonchalance, you can’t beat my friend who is an ex-GB rower. She’s got a bundle of medals that are all tied together, including world cup and world championship medals and a couple of Olympic bronze medals :astonished:

4 x Iron distance triathlons
7 x ITU LD duathlons
3 x PM Zofingen
1 x PM UK

NZ C2C, several ultras and 2 x endurance world records…


Do you look like MrT :upside_down_face:

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The Ironman medals they were dishing out in 2015 were frankly ridiculous; when they put that Frankfurt one around my neck, I almost fell on the floor!

Ticking along in Mid Pack…

Challenge Vichy 2013
Swissman 2014
IM Zurich 2014
IM Mallorca 2015
(does dragon ride count? that’s a bastard of a day)
IM Nice 2016
IM Wales 2016
DNS IM Austria and Italy 2017
IM Hamburg 2019

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I should have stipulated Triathlon, otherwise I’d have put Brevet Cymru :blush: DNS don’t count :crazy_face:

unfortunately you are quite right.
Probably some psychological thing to myself to explain what happened to the whole of 2017 :roll_eyes:
(2018 is missing as well but they were halves…)

Been a few years since I have done a full but I seem to be a repeat offender.

MUK 2007

IMUK 2008

IMCH 2008

IMUK 2009

IMCH 2010

Challenge Barcelona 2010

Challenge Barcelona 2011

Roth 2013

Challenge Barcelona 2013

IM Austria 2014


2016 IMUK
2017 IMUK
2019 IM Lanzarote
2019 IM Switzerland

Do two halves make a whole?
2016 IM70.3 Staffs
2017 IM70.3 Aix en Provence + IM70.3 Exmoor
2018 Gauntlet + Gauntlet

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2017 Outlaw
2019 IMUK

I am a fan of the IMUK medal though with the localised touch.


2011 Austria
2012 Bolton
2013 Lanza
2013 Outlaw
2014 Wales
…went time trialling for 4 years
2019 … Barca ?

I find it slightly odd that Ironman (UK) have put the wrestlers on the medal; sure they’re an iconic part of the event, but they are nothing to do with Ironman. It’s like they’re trying to capitalise on someone else’s idea :thinking:

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Or, it’s like the race director actually cares about the fans (and the athletes) and are rewarding the wrestlers and athletes memories of them by immortalising them on a medal?
And he (Sam Brawn?) knows that most athletes are UK based and local, so will really appreciate this touch.

That is awesome :heart_eyes:
Glad it doesn’t have the Lancashire rose in it :roll_eyes::wink:

I think it is genius. Rather something with a personal touch that evokes a memory than some generic offering.

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