2022 Goals

I think I can just about claim this?


Do it, do it, do it.

But of focus and motivation will take you a fair notch up Jeff. I think you’ll squeeze a few more mins out of the bike as well.


Definitely go for it.

Hmm, maybe I’m massively underestimating how hard it is to break 5hrs then.

Want to start a sub 5 thread?

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I’ll certainly be having a go, biggest problem with the bike is the fact it’s a hire bike that I’ll have never ridden before. It’s supposed to be a Cervelo P series so hopefully similar to my P5, but doubt it will have particularly fast wheels or tyres on it which will cost a bit of time.

Still, nothing to lose, maybe I should do some longer Zwift races than Bologna :joy:


There’s always the occasional double Bologna :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Good luck, you are class on the bike and run. What was your 100 mile TT time from last year? Pretty quick IIRC, and bolt on a quick half mara like today👌

Hiring a bike rather than taking your own?


Hmm, I was crippled after the 100 but I think it was about 4:23 on a road bike with clipons.

Yes, hiring a bike as I don’t want to travel with mine, especially from Galveston and up the NW corridor to Boston.


All depends really. I’ve really let my swim go in recent years so I’m usually down on the people I can bike with and often spend time going past people. I’m also not that aero compared to some people on here. But I’ve often done 1:31’ish pace off the bike, although it’s usually come off either a good block of running or midway through the season when I’ve had races and done brick sessions etc.

But your swimming has improved so it can take some pressure off the bike\run. Worth trying to work out the course profile etc for times.

I actually thought there was a sub-5 thread? If not someone should start one, there’s plenty of us been under that in the past. I doubt I’ll get back to the days of sub 4:40 though!


Yep, i’d be interested in that thread, and yep, I think you have!

Assuming a sensible swim, then a 22mph avg bike leg, still leaves you a 1:50 ish run to do… that’s easy for some, but for most of us mere mortals, its a big days out!

My 1/2 pb is 5:14*… work to do, especially as I seem to be getting slower!

*however, my claim to fame is 4th fastest T2 of the day at Outlaw Notts half, beating one LCB by a full 10 seconds… :joy:


Your claim was probably a lot more impressive if you’d left the last clause out!


Since we’re now in April, I thought I’d do my Q1 check in. We’ve stopped doing them formally at work, perhaps I miss them :wink:

  • 5k - PB reduced to 18:21 last weekend at parkrun, 22 seconds away from goal. Before that very few inroads had been made other than the week before shaving 3 seconds off my previous PB. So to then drop almost a minute in a week was surprising. I’m hoping it was a ‘breakthrough’ rather than a fluke :wink:

  • Weight - Currently just under 78Kg, so 2Kg away from goal, from starting the year about 80Kg. Quite a lot of fluctuation, but general downward trend.

Other goals not attempted yet. I have just signed up for Brighton 10K on 10th April, and plan to do a few ‘quick’ 10k courses later in the year.

No HM in the diary as yet.


If your 18.20 is, as expected, a nice little uptick in form then your other goals need some reassessment Mr Bad. :wink:

There’s plenty of speed in them there legs for a sub 39 at the very least!

Good work though!

I don’t think i got around to setting any goals this year … will have to scroll back through the thread. Maybe i just forgot, and i’ve failed at them already! haha


Well done.

I am miles away from all my goals, no sign of progress in running, weight or sleep.


You’re not on your own there, not that it’s any consolation of course.


Same here


It’s early in the year yet, stick at it


Yeah if you could get them all ticked off by March they wouldn’t be proper goals, they would be 22 metre lines or something

Telling myself that anyway


I’ve got a couple of mine sorted, I ran a half marathon in January and have my London spot so know that will be ticked off, and some progress towards others - swimming is getting better, and I’ve bought a wetsuit just not done any OW swimming so that’s a half goal right…?

But a couple I’m going to adapt: 70km a month cycle hasn’t happened for the first three months of the year, and no progress on 5k times with my niggles.

Most importantly I’m still enjoying the training and being in the best shape I’ve been in for 15 years since I was 20/21.

But I definitely still panic when I get a flat :smile:


Getting a smart trainer ticked off bronze and silver surprisingly quickly. Gold was a bit longer coming, but got there.

Big surprise tonight, -9 points in a crit race has taken score below 225 for the first time. Wasn’t expecting that, ever.

Also, have found a roofer who says he can fix my roof :crossed_fingers:


Hmm, I did 3:15 at Boston so not far off and I didn’t help myself in the prep.

5:04 at the 70.3 so a bit of work to do there, but another day with a better swim and run and I’ll be closer.

But I did get the 70.3WC place, albeit with a generous rolldown.

Add in the early season half and the fact I did the 3 peaks so I’ll go with a B- so far?


Finally hit my target of 300 FTP/4.73WKG with 316w for 20 mins tonight whilst grinding away at my local 10TT.