2022 races

I was projectile vomiting on that bit. Not so much fun :rofl:

Ah, I don’t need that asterisks next to my name.

So… Outlaw next year then @gingerbongo ?


Whoa I haven’t said nuffin! :joy:

Let’s see how Cots goes first!


Had an email earlier about changes to the Maastricht 70.3 bike course, and the full IM on the Sunday.

Seems they are also struggling to recruit traffic safety people and are 30% down. As a result the 70.3 is two loops and the full is 3. Get the impression they both have more climbing as well.

Wonder if any other races will suffer like this?

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This may be a silly question but… if the 70.3 is two loops, shouldn’t the full be 4?

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Apparently the full race is a slightly longer 60k route. The races are on separate days, 70.3 is Saturday, full is Sunday so maybe that hasn’t helped trying to get people for 2 days.

I think they are struggling to fill the full version but only announced it late and a lot of people probably had carryover races.

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I’m doing 70.3 Nice on Sunday, and the chat in the Frankfurt thread has made me check the water temps. Seems as though temps are around 25 and steadily rising, so still wetsuit legal as long as you aren’t at the pointy end. Don’t think I’ll have to worry about being cold!


It was ok in 2019 around those temperatures. A wetsuit would have probably led to dehydration.


cracking race ,non wetsuit 2019

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Busy Monday was it? :joy:

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Another second place last night as the Balbirnie Sprint Duathlon. Pleased with my bike despite a crash coming back towards T2 and taking fastest bike split as well as a couple of KOMS. 2nd run was a hobble but just about survived.
Shredded my trisuit and cannot lay on my side but apart from that all good


Sounds like a lucky escape, and well done for hanging on!!!

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Years ago my boss did a couple of the Racing the Planet races, and he seems to have picked up on my general apathy towards work and things, so he’s trying to convince me to do one. I’ve never fancied a stage race, but this has got me thinking :thinking:

Doesn’t help that Jeff Peltier made the Namib one look not-too-bad.


Oohh that looks amazing.

Isn’t it @tunster that’s doing Namibia this year?

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Similar but different organisers for the Namibia one I am doing with my son


If you do let me know. I can put you in touch with someone from the old Transitions that works in the Gobi Desert

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Isn’t someone racing Nice this weekend :fr::baguette_bread::sunny::motor_boat: