2022 Weigh-in Thread

Height = 5’ 7” / 1.7m

01/05/22 – 13st 1.0lbs / 84.0 Kg – BF 28.0%

Month = Loss of 2.2lbs / 1.0kg

2022 Total = Loss of 6.8lbs / 3.1 kg

A good training month for me was offset by far too many social meals/drinks out.

My good intentions for 0% alcohol drinks at home were undone by a 500ml cider with 46g of sugar!
(See the Beer thread.)

Will try to put some more effort in this month to get back to under 13 stone.
(Where I was in mid-March before I went on a 4-day trip to Ireland for a wedding. :roll_eyes: )

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


87.0 this morning

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73.4 this morning. 1 week before Thames Path 100.

About 2kg above where I wanted to be. Mainly due to a bit of junk food and booze.

I shudder to think of the extra energy required to carry 2kg over 100 miles.

If I ever get into Western States I am going to have to take it much more seriously. An additional 2kg in that heat doesn’t bear thinking about.


86.6 this morning. That’s after a pizza, some Coke, half a bag a of nuts and a plate of veggies last night. :see_no_evil:

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Lack of running in the last month has bumped me up a few kg :persevere:

And 89.6kg this morning FFS.

TBC at home later, but the gym scales show 79.xx prior to workout and in my gym kit. That’s stage 1 completed, getting below 80Kg.


13 stone on the nose.

Fat as butter, arms as big as your head !


How tall are you @Mungo2 ?

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171 cms

Not very.

The weight will be water from or rather coffee from from my 8th? Night shift on the bounce.


Same, I’ve had two readings below 80kg. Next target is to see a 78.x!


Must getting pretty solid.

I’m 185cms and you’ve got a few kilos on me now. I’ve been around 79 kgs for a little while. Need to get tough on the shit I’m consuming to lose 2/3 more I reckon

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Your tall.

Ideal race weight can be a black art at times, running it’s usually the lighter the better as long as your healthy.

Certainly much much stronger these days, but certainly no we’re near as fit/ fast.

You still on for IMUK?

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I sure am - 8 weeks to go.

Building up the long run by a few km each week. Need to get two / three century rides under my belt and a few long, easy OW swims but I’m just about ticking along nicely.

Self imposed ban on fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate now and will cut all booze (not that I drink much) from June.


No move. Doing really well in the week, not drinking, moving, eating good, Friday have lost weight, weekend comes and I fuck it all up


72.3kg this morning.

12,750 cals burned on the Thames Path = one week of eating like Pac-Man for a whole week with no weight increase whatsoever


I’ve now seen some 78.xx Kg readings on the scales. Probably just about 79Kg now. Feeling lighter generally, and doing a hilly parkrun has certainly helped my strength/weight.

  1. 4kg!

Stopping now.