2022 Weigh-in Thread

I was trying to explain this to the missus the other day when she was complaining about not having time for exercise etc.

We’d just been up and down from the allotment, many trips, with full watering cans. She was aghast that she would be having to count gardening as exercise, until I pointed out to her that she’s carrying 1/3 of her body weight in water each trip. That’s not insignificant!


I remember before when I was over weight. Every week I would ride the same loop and it started after a 20 min warm up with a climb up Church Lane. Its only about 0.5km long, but its 13% with peaks at 20% so its a hard climb for a heavy weight.

Each week as I got lighter you could see the number of watts dropping and speed going up, even real time as you were pedalling


It’s weird isn’t it. I counted the 5km jog back home yesterday after dropping the car off, set my watch and recorded but I didn’t bother for the 5km walk back to get the car :man_facepalming:


79 kg and dropping now, 13 stone is toooo heavy for an old midjit.

Press up totals improving ?!


71kg this morning

Not through exercise - cut out the crap and less booze