Guilty Pleasures

Thread for all things, more likely non-tri related but…

20 minute FTP Test.
Actually been looking forward to it all day, hate the ramp test but love just getting into a rhythm, waiting for the pain to come and holding on.


Closer magazine
Real Housewives of Cheshire
Rich House, Poor House
Police Interceptors
Can’t Pay, Take it Away
Homes Under The Hammer


Giggle box

Chris this is rather worrying mate!

Our Lips are Sealed …the Go Gos (Belinda Carlisle nuff said)
Don’t talk to me about Love…Altered Images (Claire Groggan oh yes)

Also Teenage Kicks but Fergal Sharkey doesn’t tick the box!

High Fantasy fiction novels - elves, and magic and shit. Been enjoying them a lot lately.

Spreadsheets. Like really getting stuck into a dataset at work. Shudder. What a weirdo!

Yup… i’m with you on the ramp test…they’re horrific, yet strangely appealling at the same time!

Other than that… face cream… :flushed:

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Breakfast reading was never the same after my old housemate cancelled her Cosmo subscription.

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Closer is more a soap opera of faux “celebs” with made up stories from their “friends”
It’s an awful magazine, but like Corrie or Eastenders, strangely addictive.

I also enjoy Grazia, but more that it purports to be feminist and for women one issue, then it’s playing coquettish and to stereotypes the next “Why You Need To Marty into Money” etc etc.

You need a bit of Take a Break action. MiL loves it.

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That’s too “real”
People sell their “stories”…the paper also smells weird that it’s printed on :see_no_evil:

I do supplement my “glossies” reading with various other normal magazines.

Mainly TV. I have a thing for a variety of American dramas. Been watching Grey’s Anatomy ever since it came out. Scary to think that will be entering 16 years!

Just been for a nice, muddy run. I’m wfh today. I just got paid. I can’t be bothered to make a sandwich.

Guilty pleasure time