Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

Did a mile and a half yesterday. Felt fine during and after. Not sore today, but feels very tight. Taken some ibuprofen and done a whack load of stretching. Not sure if this is a warning it’s too soon, or if it’s just a natural reaction after so long off. Going to play safe and wait and do 2 miles on Sunday I think.


Has anyone had any joy with muscle scraping malarkey? I’m wondering whether it’s all a load of rubbish that doesn’t really do anything a foam roller doesn’t already do. Or whether it’s worth a try for my shins.

This is the sort of thing I’m talking about.

Identical story to fruit thief last year.
Assume I’ve managed to break my toe, innocuous stub/caught against a closing heavy door

trotter alert, hobbit feet

Managed to run 9km on it yesterday, my longest for a while so wasn’t too bothered, more happy that the hip was improving, but didn’t consider what it would be like swimming this morning :face_with_head_bandage::dizzy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’d assume it’s no different to a foam roller beyond individual perception.

That linked advert doesn’t offer anything different either. It certainly doesn’t work by increasing blood flow to the muscle, and I’m always sceptical of the ‘releasing adhesions’ argument.


Ouch, how hard did you kick that! Hope it improves soon.

He didn’t kick it, an orc trod on it as he was going about The Shire :wink:

Bad luck @Chriswim hope it mends quickly and isn’t too much of a drag in the meantime :+1:


Ive had heel pain for a while. Googled it and it dounds like Planatar fasciitis. I thought that only impacted the arch area.

Anybody had it here, any tips?

Usually the lower part of the calf for me, but generally feel it in the arch.

Bent knee calf stretch, massage and the same stretch with my toes lifted if that makes sense!

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The front of the heel bone, on the sle of the foot is the classic pain site for PF. Soft soled shoes help relieve the pain and this paper has some effective stretches DiGiovanni


4 weeks since rolling my ankle. Really slow recovery It still feels tendor running on hard ground, but luckily running on grass is ok.


Thanks. Yeah just sticking with foam roller and have utilised pay day to book a consultation with a physio on Monday. Don’t think I can afford a run of treatment but at least they might help pin point the issue and give me some exercises I can do at home. Starting to get stressed at how long it’s taking to heal, had to stop my attempt at a 5k over the weekend as the pain just came back quickly and I’m still hurting.

Thanks will start on those. Have started doing some general stretching and foam rolling so can add them in.

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Had my first physio session today for my shin. Is what I thought, but having someone poke about at it, stick that electric machine on (which feels strangely good), apply some taping and give me some basic exercises somehow has immediately made it feel a bit better…

He wasn’t convinced I’d be able to do myself justice for London though. Will do these exercises for 3 weeks then might get a return to running plan but looks like I could be deferring to 2023 :slightly_frowning_face:

Serves me right for being a cheapskate and not going 8 weeks ago when it was proper sore.


Wondering if the pain in my shoulder is DOMS or if Ive flared up the injury again. :thinking:

Couple of days rest I think and see how it goes.

Hello darkness my old friend.

After catching Covid in January, and a big Christmas behind me, been running well and building up to the Edinburgh half next weekend.

All big runs behind me, and nursing IT band issues.

This morning, calf popped.

Coincidentally have the physio tonight, but 90% sure I’m done.


Nightmare, hope it’s not too bad. At least the physio can hopefully start some treatment.

Oh no, very sorry to hear that mate. Has it really popped proper or just gone tight?

Oh no, that’s balls. Hope it’s not as bad as feared.

Bugger. I’ve liked this, but…

Ditto, a sympathy like rather than being pleased that your calf went pop obv :roll_eyes:. Hope it heals soon.

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