Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

Wasn’t fully recovered for yesterday’s run

Consequently heel stiffened up yesterday and tight hip really tightened up

Had a good dinner last night and feel much better. But rest today regardless and see how feel tomorrow. May have to do one week on, one week strip back a bit and let body catch up.

Was flying til Wednesday. Main issue was I ran too hard for a recovery run and I think that set me back also. Certainly don’t want to get injured again.


FFS! Yesterday evening my left elbow felt a bit tender, as if bruised but had no impact. Woke up this morning and it was swollen and sore AF. Has eased off a bit as I am up and about, reckon bursitis as use is easing off the swelling. What a load of :poop:!


Struggling to diagnose a minor niggle I’ve got at the moment which I gave a week off running to see if it would sort it out, to no avail. About 2km into every run just behind the ball of my right foot towards the outside starts to get ‘warm’ and then develops a dull ache 3-4 ish on the pain scale. Definitely worse going up hill, eases up a bit on the downs. It doesn’t feel like plantar or a stress fracture, both which I’ve had before. Soon as I stop running the pain goes away. Going to try and get booked in to see my physio to see if he can help. Any suggestions of what it might be are appreciated!

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I’m going to say plantar fasciitis.

Hmm I was under the impression plantar is usually nearer the heel? Also no pain in the morning etc like I had last time.

First ‘run’ since the start of August after wrecking myself with what I think was something like extensor tendonitis. Was definitely in the right area anyway.

20 minutes of plodding and walking but no pain and no flare up.

Giving I’m not training for anything distance wise (I’ve got a half at the end of Lakesman but I’ll be on my knees for most of that presumably) going I can keep the slow and short discipline through to the new year. Nice to not feel you are having to chase getting it fixed and get yourself up to a certain level I suppose.


Had to have an annual blood test because of the blood pressure meds. They also did a liver function test, which bizarrely was pretty much all fine, except one item which was very slightly over the limit.

Doctor has marked it as “no further action, probably from fatty liver due to weight”. Which probably is true, but Ive not had my weight taken or recorded by the doctors sunce I joined 13 years ago.


FFS… Last Tuesday I made the mistake of being sociable and went into London Town to catch up with an ex-colleague.

Thursday I started to feel like I had a bit of a cold, but was OK. It progressed over the weekend and then yesterday I noticed that it wasn’t just my coffee that tasted weird, it was anything that didn’t wasn’t just sweet… dug up an old 'rona test and you can guess the rest.

Coughing wasn’t that much in amount, but was very forcefull… I’ve done something to my back/ribs. I have had this in the past and it’s taken a while to get back to rights, so that’ll be fin.

Thankfully I’ve got very little requiring my attention at the moment, because I feel like a bag of spanners and can’t seem to even sleep. Head seems really blocked up over the last 24 hours or so, which makes my tinnitus seem a lot worse than normal, which is annoying.

Just having a bit of a rant really, should focus on being lucky that I’m healthy enough that this should pass, and I don’t have to worry about work or childcare or anything else while I’m ill… but really, who manages such a thing?!


bit of a cold and a sore throat here :rage:

rode to work but legs felt like they’d been filled with diesel rather than unleaded.


I’d have to suggest your issue might be putting petrochemicals into your legs. I get that you’re a Dr. and live in the land of Hydrocarbons just now… but that can’t be good for you, can it?


Sound like Johnny Cash this morning :musical_note:


Spicy food last night?


Terrible run last night. Then shivery achy last night - darn hope not a virus :microbe: :face_with_thermometer:


How are you feeling now?

Pretty awful :laughing:


Reckon some food and a good nights sleep I’ll be ok tomorrow.


Food poisoning - with all the glorious symptoms. Worst case I’ve had. Haven’t slept properly since Monday night. Stomach cramps less frequent i think now at least. Haven’t felt this rotten since pneumonia lol

Maybe I should go on the weight loss thread. Didn’t eat anything for 60 hours


Since Monday :grimacing:, that’s lasted a while.

Thanks for not being too graphic.

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Came on Monday evening really. I hope it leaves soon. It’s miserable