Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

as @JaRok2300 says, it looks like a bug bite. Does it itch?? If so, probably a flying insect of some sort.
If not, maybe a spider bite.

Did it happen after an off-road run???

Been doing any kneeling FP? Prepatellar bursitis aka housemaids knee can look a bit like that.

If it was me, and I didn’t think it was likely to be an infection for whatever reason, I’d probably whack some ice on it and take ibuprofen and not kneel on it and see how it was after 24-48 hours (this is not necessarily what you should do, just what I would likely do, right or wrong :smiley:)

But if shivery / feverish/ unwell at all , or if the redness was spreading, then it would probably be one to get checked out properly

Hope it settles for you :+1:


It was itching for the first couple of days but then stopped but did get more uncomfortable after that.

ETA: No, I’ve only been road running very sparingly lately. i did take the moto out but I had my armoured jeans on and running tights underneath, so it would be one determined critter to get through that. :smile:

Cheers mate. Funnily enough, it was roughly around the same time I did the gardening on the weekend. That was putting those alpine flowers in, so I was kneeling on a soft pad but on the tarmac drive.
I don’t feel ill at all.

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I got bitten cycling a few years ago (covid times) which went bad after a few days and I did the 111 rather than try the gp and ended up having a video call with a dr who prescribed antibiotics which sorted it out in a few days.


Ive completely buggered my knee. Bloody cricket, worse thing is I was coaching, not playing/training.

I had similar when I lifted too much weight in the past. It hurts above the knee cap and on the the little tear drop part of the quad. Worse thing is it feels weak going up and downstairs. Like it might give way at any min.

Walking is ok but standing from sitting or using the stairs its bad.

Plus my hip-flexors and back are playing up again.


Had a few days off of doing my lunge progressions, back to it today and I’ve injured my left quad. Will give it a few days rest, with some gentle cycle commuting and general walking and see how it goes. Hopefully just a strain that will work itself out. Think I have got to a lunge weight where I need to properly warm up before the main set.


Are you doing this with a bag or a bar?

A bag. Feeling much better this morning. May be able to get back on it tomorrow. Good excuse for a lunchtime swim methinks.


Going to have a play with heavier bag ( 30 kg ish) come August when I start for Birmingham

Those are tough !


I seem to have slightly broken myself sandboarding on some sand-dunes yesterday. Hard landing on left hip. Could hardly walk last night, and this morning it’s not much better :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Maybe one for the over 50’s thread but we don’t bounce as well these days.

Hopefully it’ll settle down soon though, and after your bike accident.


Too many cans?

Hope your hip feels better soon, ok for swimming?


They should do a sequel to white men can’t jump. Old guys can’t board. I’ve come to that conclusion many times not least when a pal of mine excitedly took a run and jump onto my daughters skateboard shouting I used to be really good and was instantly dumped on his arse and a broken leg :grinning:


exactly what my brother did :skateboard: :hospital: :crutch:


I feel a little* flippant now after reading your update. Hope you heal up quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

(*literally a little :wink:)

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Hope you heal up quickly in time for Monday Fruity :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:


Can’t decide which thread for this but if anyone has sciatica this might help, currently free on Amazon.

** I haven’t really read it yet and cleverer people than me might discount it but could be worth a look for free.

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day 12. Managed whole day without crutches for the first time since accident. Still limping slowly around like I’m aged 90. It’s improving though. Swam 1500 pull again last night and again this morning. Never done so much pull, or taken so much ibuprofen. Sandboarding: just say no.