Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

Good progress this week with my hip injury. It’s now been exactly 4 weeks since it happened.

Today I managed to cycle to work and back 42km, admittedly super slow - Strava estimates 65W - taking it very steady and carefully

not ready to run on yet but it’s coming :+1:

Always amazed by the body’s capacity to mend when it needs to



:joy: :joy:


your not wrong :smiley:

taken 2 steps backwards today by pushing a little too hard

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My sons (22) has a bit of an issue with his legs and it’s so vague I don’t know where to start.
He plays 6 aside football twice a week and the occasional 11 aside game but whenever he starts running his lower legs seem to seize up almost instantly.
He went to the gym with me in the week and we did all the cardio machines for 5 mins but when he got on the treadmill he lasted about 30 seconds before it happened again.
I asked him to describe it and he said it starts in his shins, then it feel like it goes round to his achilles and into his calves. It’s like a stiffness but also painful and he was hobbling back to the car afterwards.
Any ideas what it might be or even where to start looking as we’re a bit clueless at the moment. Doctors will be next step but he struggles to explain it and not they’re not always that interested in this kind of thing.
Thanks for any suggestions.
ETA - I’ve been reading up on shin splints and it does seem to suggest they can start straight away, but I’ve never had them (touch wood) so not really very well up on how they feel or if the pain spreads to a wider area.

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Much much rarer, but chronic exertional compartment syndrome is a possibility I’d want to ask him more about to exclude.


Thanks, I’ll read up on that.

Ive got an odd issue, wonder if anyone has any insights. Whenever I play cricket or train, almost instantly I get pain in the front of my quads. Now, I know warming up is not something that is being done. We get to training and go straight into it, in games like yesterday I sat around for an hour, went in, then suddenly a run is called and Im off and my legs just go.

Its not an injury as I would call it, because after a couple of days its ok, also I think from looking at pictures its the rectus fermorous muscle, right down the front of the thigh. Everything I find on google talks about pain at either end, i.e. the tendon, but this is right in the middle on the meat. I hurts to put power through the quads, but mostly its really sore prodding the area. If I try and massage it, it feels really crunchy. I tried doing a couch stretch earlier and it was incredibly tight and took me a while to get into position.

I need to do more general exercise and get back into strength training but anyone know what this could be and how to deal with it?

Oh :poop: Devon residents urged to boil water after parasite found - BBC News


my folks are living on their boat in Dartmouth marina, same water supply. Everyone is drinking bottled stuff

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How on earth did you link that post from so long ago?! :joy:

I’d best check if it affects us :grimacing:

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I searched for crypto as we both got it following an event. At least @APM was confirmed. I just felt wiped out for nearly 2 months!

Hope it doesn’t get you all.


Shocking all round. I genuinely felt awful.

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More good progress on the injury front. It has been 5 weeks and 1 day.

  • haven’t needed painkillers this week
  • can get dressed standing on either leg
  • rode to work 3 times, feeling more normal each time
  • can ride short distances out of the saddle
  • managed 400m kick this morning
  • in the gym, 5 minutes on ski machine at 250W; weights hip adductors 10 reps at 5kg, hip abductors 10 reps at 10kg.

Full weight bearing is still not quite right, so not tried running yet, but am hopeful of trying some treadmill incline walking this week as a step back towards running.


I’d say you definitely have nothing to lose by warming up first. Some of those cricket moves can be quite sudden, particularly bowling.

At WADAC, all the groups warm up, all ages, all disciplines and not just for a couple of minutes.


Yeah I think I need to accept that at my age I cant go from 0 to 100 in an instant. At nets this week I went through a proper warm up and stretch and it was largely ok till I batted and then used a whole new bunch of muscles and ached for days after.

My Aussie mate said to me tonight, what he says always sounds funnier in an Aussie accent, but he said you playing tomorrow, and I said yeah, and he said “fair dinkum, but well maybe fucking warm up first eh”.


Be more Merv :grin:


Advice sought.

Had multiple calf strains over the years, but my current position is a bit unusual.

I think that the injury has healed. Ran a few 5ks over the last two weeks (including some hilly routes), can’t feel the calf at all.

However, a few hours after I finish, the calf is “sensitive”. It doesn’t hurt, just feels inflamed.

The foam roller helps, and it doesn’t feel like I’m retesting the old injury. However something isn’t quite right….

Has anyone had anything similar?

Not sure what that might be but I would look to strengthen the calves. Heel drops doing both straight leg and with a bent knee.

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Got my insoles fitted today at the podiatrist. Had no idea this is the position my feet are actually supposed to be in. Which explains a lot really about all the issues I’ve had over the past few years…


Were they on the end of your arms previously? :laughing: