Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

If it’s that high up could it be something around your neck? No tightness or if you move your head does it bring it on?

No nothing up there. But the hands seem fine today. Maybe I was imagining it? :person_shrugging:

But my foot is definitely still numb, particularly down the outside. Weird!

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Not sure if any of you have seen this on socials but a London based runner/triathlete (Neil Aitken from Clapham Chasers) last week had a collision with a motorcycle the day before Ironman Nice during a short test ride the day before the race. He’s in a really bad way. More info over at GoFundMe. :cry:

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Turns out you can forget how to ride a bike :sweat_smile:
Don’t fully know what happened, think hit something awkwardly while right hand was off the handlebars, lurched left off the trail and down an 8 foot ditch.

Very beat up but hopefully nothing too long lasting. Went to theatre for the head wound to be stitched, a broken nose, and breaks to part of C7 and T1 vertebrae. Some weird nerve symptoms that I’m hoping is just temporary swelling around those spinal nerves that will resolve. The vast majority of my pain is over my left upper back/scapula/trapezius region though so hoping that’s just soft tissue bruising, but it’s been 6 days so far and I still cant turn or lie to that side.

Was meant to move house that day, but moved the day after. Having missed 3 of the last 4 house moves I had to at least try and pretend to put some effort in this time but I probably just got in the way!


Oh shit Chris! Hope you’re OK bud. That’s a proper accident/disheveled look! :joy:

Rest up and heal strong buddy.

Disheveled is just having bed hair still at ~9pm after a long day :sweat_smile: a wash was very welcome that night!


Take your time healing up mate.

Bloomin eck

Ouch, hope there’s no long term damage :+1:

Hope everything heals well for you. I got one of those Harry Potter scars when I came off on a trail a few years ago :mage: :magic_wand:

Yikes, that neck injury sounds nasty, you must have taken a proper flier. Glad it wasn’t any worse.

Hope you mend quickly

Ouch. Rest well, heal strong and enjoy the new home.

Ouch. Glad to hear it doesn’t sound too serious.

Puts my reason for entering the thread into perspective… I pulled my hamstring participating in my first “dad’s” race at the nursery school sports day :person_facepalming: There’s a reason I gave up sprint based team sports…my hamstrings were constantly going. Makes my October race a lot more challenging, but as I say, in the context of what you’ve gone through, it’s the most insignificant of issues!


Moment of truth for my hip today, planning to meet up with my Dorset running friend later :crossed_fingers:t2:

Not sure how it will go, have already deployed ALL the sandbags and requested short and slow.

Loads of gardening over the last 2 days has stretched it a bit, but feels ok this morning so far.

edit: well it wasn’t pretty, but I got round. Fortunately we ran clockwise which favoured my limp. Lame old crock. Still, it was really nice to go running :+1:


but did you win?! We had a sports day race last year and they suggested a relay format, but some dads didn’t get the message and so loads started at the same time. It fizzled out and I never even ran!

@fruit_thief good luck with slow and steady run

@Chriswim hope recovery is going ok

@gingerbongo have you had anymore numbness?


Nope seeing as I immediately pulled up, and I was never likely to anyway which makes the fact I ran hard enough to do the damage even more stupid. A pulled hammy is not something you can run through. I do find some people on here talking of “pulled muscles” that they then run on in the following days/week a little amusing. That’s not a pulled muscle, that’s just a little niggle or minor discomfort/DOMS!

I’m out for as much as 2 months per the physios initial review. I can hardly walk, I can’t bend over, getting dressed is a challenge, even sitting in a chair is uncomfortable with the pressure on the hamstring. Hopefully I can maybe swim and cycle a while before that if I’m going to be able to do the 70.3 in October.


Ah shite, yeah I wasn’t sure if it was start/middle/end of the race, but I suppose it goes as you launch off from the start :rocket: All the best with recovery.

Nope. Went as quickly as it came. Most odd.


Not entirely an injury but my eye has been taking longer than I’d hoped to get better, it has improved quite a lot but definitely still red and not right, the eyedrops I got in France said only use for 10 days before getting it checked. Apparently it’s actual name is the caruncle?

Anyway, managed to get a doctors appt today and she said that although it is still a bit angry it could take up to 3 weeks to heal! But took a small swab to get tested for a bacterial infection just in case. That terrified me! Anyway, she also suggested changing to some hayfever eyedrops for a while which might reduce the redness. And that I should be alright swimming but the chlorine could annoy it. So, fingers crossed I can do the triathlon on Saturday as well, she did say it should be alright.

The treatment for the leg problem being nerve related might be progressing as well, it definitely seems worse when I’m sitting on it and I’ve been doing the exercises he suggested, pretty much the cobra pose, and avoiding stretching the hamstring which would just pull on the nerve. He does some manipulations as well, not quite chiro but similar.

Not getting my hopes up just yet but I’ve done a bit of running in the last fortnight and it hasn’t really been an issue. I’ve been a bit sore yesterday and today but that was probably more related to the distance and terrain on Sunday.

About time I got a clear run for a few months!


Anyone have any experience of hip resurfacing (like what Andy Murray had)?

Asking for a friend who has just had this done and is keen to return to running in due course