Nike Zoom Fly/Vaporfly 4 and NEXT% - The Thread

I wore my VF4% Flyknits to a resounding 2k victory as part of our Fitness Test at the weekend :+1:


Yeah. It does seem weird!

Although, it’s a bit like Mac users being charged more on Expedia/LastMinute :joy:

“You use The App. You’re well posh innit. Here’s some expensive shoes.”

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Shameless Quidco plug again!

There’s an offer on today (you have to opt in to the bonus!) of £25 boost when you spend over £75 on Nike. You can combine this with the 25% off full price which means you could get as much as 50% off (if cost £100)

In addition for people who havnt Quidco before here’s a referral link where both you and I can get an extra £15:


so you saying we can get a £100 pair of shoes for £35?

No its even less because you get 6% cash back as well and I reckon I could go better than that

Shoes £100
25% off £75
8% e-voucher £69
1% credit car cash back £0.69
Cashback boost £25
6% cash back £4.50
Referral credit £15

Total cost £23.81


This blows my mind.
I have zero inclination to do this.
I’d just spend £100 :face_with_peeking_eye::roll_eyes:


Same, bizarre coming from Yorkshiremen :joy:


Think I may have missed out on the bonus, couldn’t see that, but signed up under your link.

They have original Alphaflys for 29% off and then the additional 25% off, so £142
Just bought in the same colourway I already had so hopefully the wife wont notice!


Thanks mate and nice steal :+1:


You guys must have very small or very large feet :man_shrugging:, can’t find anything discounted in my size.

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Original AF with 29% off available in every size in one colourway:

Yes, VF2 only available in a few sizes.

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Additional 25% off too - picked up a pair ofMk1 alphaflys for £144


With that 25% VF2 are £118. That’s the cheapest in years iirc.

Argh. I went early two months ago to get cheap shoes now can get streakfly at £75 and Pegasus 40 at £63. Ah well.

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Just went vaporfly fishing with @itom150 's link

unfortunately none in my size, but for anyone with slightly more dainty feet (or massive feet) it would be a bargain

£164 *0.75 = £123, *0.92= £113, -£15= £98

that’s for 2 shoes as well


there are some alphaflys in size 10 for just a few quid more, hovered over the buy button. but it’s the vaporflys I’m after. Will keep eyes peeled - thanks boss

I went back and added another pair for the Alphafly Mk1 bank :bank:. That’s three new pairs in stock - I should maybe inform my house insurers of my collection :rofl:


Luckily some Vaporfly 2 in my size were still available last night got them and a pair to peg trail 4s on a nice discount.


AF3 appears on Nike. Looks like the weight has gone back down probably below the AF1 weight which can only be a good thing considering it got fat on the 2nd edition. My size 13 Uk were 300 and 330 g for AF1 and 2 and this is saying 218 vs 249 3 to 2 so guessing they will come out under 300 for me!


over £1 per gram :astonished:


I put a claim in last night as it didn’t track.