Nike Zoom Fly/Vaporfly 4 and NEXT% - The Thread

and 10 x the price of a solid pair of Saucony Rise Isos :wink:

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M&M Direct specials?
Love some of them for training in

I was just looking quickly for something worth £48 to counter your argument.

I fell out of love with Saucony (kinvara) when they brought in that horrible, horrible ‘pro lock’ band things.

Oh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I was being serious. I used to buy anything for under £45 for training in.
Then a pair of Saucony Fastwitch for racing in and some of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS for iron distance a few weeks out.

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I’d be concerned if you were buying £4800 bags; unless your wife played for Real Madrid.


Where are you getting these prices from? I’d love a new pair of ZF as I’ve got the originals with a few hundred ks on them. They’re over £100 on the Nike website.

A few months ago Nike must have had excess stock, or the blue colour way wasn’t very popular. I think they had them at around 70 then someone posted a discount code on here!

£330 so far, spread across 4 pairs of shoes.

2 x VF 4% and 2 x ZF

1 pair of 4% which I got in some sale, about £160 I think
1 pair of flyknit when everyone else got a pair cheap £55?

I have just bought a pair of Brooks Adrenaline in the sale though, they’ll be in the loft until they are needed.

I tend to have quite a lot of pairs on the go at once and with doing a lot of trail runs they get as much hammer.


I hope you got a big discount on those :sweat_smile:

Shows you how perceptions have shifted doesn’t it. I’m thinking that money for 4 pairs is a steal!


Who’s going to take a punt. Zero feedback rating. There are others…:upside_down_face:

You’d be a brave man :grimacing:

Paging @Poet


XC season is upon us…



I thought they were an urban myth, or photoshop job!

Where all the benefits of the expensive foam and the carbon disappear under 6 inches of mud!

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They might just dig you even deeper into the slop :rofl:

I think they are track spikes :roll_eyes:

Despite Sam saying XC.