Nutrition for Tinpot Poets

Crap photo.
But just whipped this up for lunch;

Haha, fair point good Sir!

When kids grow up…… and work calms down…… and I find my big boy pants?

That said, my performance decreases the longer I go compared to others. I also get dread the thought of spending hours cycling round.

Tempted to do an Oly next year, and about to sign up to a 10 mile running race. That counts, right?


Covered a bit in the book & they bang on about it over at Zoe too.

It’s known that the Mediterranean diet is more healthy than the western diet but any attempts to extract vitamins/compounds from the MD and apply to the WD don’t yield any positive results.

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Needs avocado

Good fats init

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I heard the opposite :man_shrugging:t2:

Depends on skin colour too, darker skin means less vit. D production for the same amount of sunlight.

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So short South Americans living in the North of England are screwed


greenhouse gases - avocado = very bad for planet. boo hiss!

Good for planet = good for body.