Organising your gear

Pretty sure this has been discussed before, but couldn’t find a thread specifically about it.

How do you organise your triathlon and training equipment? Any tips for efficiency of storage, access, finding bits, keeping stuff clean and in good sevice?

I get the impression quite a few people here are tidy by nature - where do you sit on the clutter rating scale?


1 for me.

but at the other end of the spectrum

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I think there’s some here that will scream 1 is very cluttered :laughing:


Your problem solved…


I think @explorerJC or @Hammerer have spares going.


no longer a thing sadly (or not!) - company behind it was dissolved in 2018 and website no longer works

:cry: or preferably :tada:


to be fair, I looked at it and thought “why those boxes on top of the fridge, and that pan sitting on the wall cupboards”


I have a plastic box (hammererbox ™ )that cost £150 (ok it was about a fiver from Ikea or somewhere equally cheap, that i stick all my winter gear in once the clocks go forward (yes i used to freeze some years!) I also have a swim mesh bag with all the swim bits in and a swim ruck sack that has jammers and towel in plus my tow float and wetsuit folded nicely. There’s a box of cables for charging various bits. I have a sports drawer which is a mess of old race t-shirts and cycling shorts that are now see through that I still wear on Zwift. I also have a load of race nutrition in a cupboard that is likely out of date now its been so long :wink: Running shoes go in the shoe cupboard.


that’s a lot of nutrition for a 70.3…


i was waiting for the Team GB BTF version at £280…


Maybe could run something similar to “guess who’s WFH desk” thread… guess who’s gear storage solution


I saw a Kit Brick at the Hampshire Hoppit trail race. Bloody ‘trafleets’ are everywhere now. :smile:


i think triathlon is a poorer place for their absence…

i wonder if he actually found a use for them…


I can even draw a Union Flag on it for that


I think I only ever saw 2 rock up at events where I was a TO at.

you misunderstand…to be ‘real’ it has to half a union flag or a slightly distorted one…the type they pay tens of thousands to a design agency for…

A bit like the £250k Scotland came up with for a new slogan to attract visitors…and they came up with ‘Welcome to Scotland’


or back to the Contents of Your Fridge thread


I could tell you how much Larry paid an agency to come up with this but you wouldn’t believe me.


Delivered like Albert Finney in Skyfall? :rofl:


we currently have this little utility storage room under the stairs, have put all the bike clobber in it

pretty minimalist because apart from the bikes, everything else came over in a suitcase or from Decathlon.

Realised I have no chain repair tool / quick link, going to fix that asap as really don’t fancy being stranded 20km from home in the heat.

what’s this, a 2 out of 9 on the hoarder scale? 3?

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Our house is aggressively lived in to coin @GRamsay’s phrase.

Bikes are either in the bike shed (Asgard thingy) two hanging in the office, a couple of the kids ones in a Keter shed and more under a tarp round the back of the house.

Helmets on a shelf near the bikes, shoes on the floor under the shelf and pump next to that.

Clothing is another matter entirely, my bike stuff is shoved at the bottom of the wardrobe and run stuff on a shelf. No order to it as I’ll only have to drag it all out to get the right combo of long/short/warm/rain stuff.

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