Race day urination

The Quality ST Threads thread has me thinking - when do you take your first “comfort break” on the bike during an Ironman event?

I can go the whole day only talking one whizz, but then I’m usually crippled by dehydration.

Depends. In my first Iron distance, the weather was so cold/wet my over hydration meant I wee’d about 5 times on the bike! Normally I aim to at least squeeze one out in the closing miles of the bike, to save stopping on the run. Sometimes the lack of a timely downhill section can make it hard though.

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First and maybe second Outlaw I had a number two in a porta potty on the bike.

Third one, less caffeine and pre-loading with codeine countered that.

Went for a pee on the run…never on the bike.

You don’t employ the “two poo rule” before any race?

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They come when they need to

Your body is under trained


temperature/hydration/lake water swallowed dependant…always on the move though…

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Try and go in the last 200M of the swim so don’t get caught behind me, then often make it to T2 or onto the run, sometimes all the way.

In the last one though it was that cold I had a couple on the bike and one on the run.


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Swim wee is a (disgusting) given.

Over a whole day out there with dozens of litres consumed I just think three or four comfort breaks makes sense.

Three poos is safer!

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If I’m up early enough, 3 is usually manageable :blush:

Is that three distinct sessions in the lavatory, or just three logs?

Just be well prepared!

never ever been able to pee on the bike - swim, yes and run, yes - but bike peeing has always escaped me.

I once tried to pee on the bike in Ironman Wales in 2017. Never again. All went in my right shoe. Couldn’t get rid of the smell had to bin the shoes :cry: portapotty every time for me now!

Find swimming most difficult. Thankfully there’s a nice reflex wee available as soon as get in the water to warm up a wetsuit, regardless of how long since the last portaloo stop. Likely 2-3 on the bike, clean socks for the run that probably get soaked again, and then feeling guilty/maintaining gap through any post-race hugs.

I don’t know how people can do it swimming & running; at least you can coast on the bike, and relax. Maybe it’s because I used my legs yeah? :slightly_smiling_face:

Its a piece of piss

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undoubtedly my finest running pee was at Toughguy. covered in mud and freezing cold I just went as I run - the warm trickle down my cold legs just felt lush but the downside was that, because of the muddy legs, you could easily see what I was doing! :face_with_thermometer:

conversely, my worst was at IM Switzerland when on the last run lap, I couldn’t be arsed to stop for a pee so did it on the run - let me tell you that concentrated urine and a chafed crotch from the bike leg do not make happy bedfellows! jeez - that stung badly so I had to stop at the next aid station and throw copious amounts of water down my shorts. :scream:


I have to really concentrate to do it at the end of the swim and arms only, need to really relax the stomach and stop kicking! It’s usually only a trickle but gets me through the bike.