Rant rant rant

Vacuous era - insta socials innit


It is ridiculous but some of the quotes from the hearing are :rofl: :rofl:

Vardy: “If I’m honest I can’t remember anything about this at all.”

Rooney’s barrister: “Well I would like you to be honest as you’re sitting in a witness box in a court of law.”


Rooney’s barrister, referring to Rebekah Vardy’s agent’s phone that got dropped in the North Sea, says, “these messages are in Davey Jones’s locker aren’t they.”

Vardy turns to the judge. “Who is Davy Jones? I don’t know who that is.”



You do realise you’ve prompted us to start talking about it with this rant, when here was probably a safe haven prior to that :wink:


Davey jones?

:duck: me

Has she not seen pirates of the c lol


True, but comments on here probably aren’t going to boost their “value” as influencers in the same way that “Likes” on Instagram would :rofl:


I was thinking more of magnacarter’s mental state. It’s notable he hasn’t joined the discussion since his original post. He’s probably shot his monitor Elvis stylee!

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I bet Jamie is chuffed to bits her blowing his money like that


I agree but I also think you’re wrong. Unfortunately the real world is where the people that care about this are.

We are the outliers these days :disappointed:


It’s cool to be outside


And even colder in scotland

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In fairness to Colleen Rooney, she’s the one being taken to court so she has little choice but to have to pay for defence. She could have apologised for calling Vardy out though it would have probably involved a full retraction statement / social media post but she seemed to put a fair bit of effort into finding out who was leaking stories so probably feels fully justified in doing so. It is a shame its costing so much.

At the risk of going against the grain of the thread, it has been brilliant to see Deborah James become a Dame in the short time she has left. Whilst it’s obviously sad what has happened to her and her family, its nice she’s alive to feel appreciated for the difference she has made to a lot of people’s lives, either through the cash raised or making people going through similar feel a bit less lonely.


You thought there was a lot ok kit for triathlon, welcome to para triathon! Is there another sport that needs more kit?


good luck this afternoon - Mrs FB will look out for you as I’m not there.


:+1:Just at Swansea services getting some :electric_plug::zap:

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maybe get some water as Mrs FB says there’s nothing at the finish line for athletes!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Popped into the local for a holiday beer, one of the locals congratulated the owner on the success for his daughter-in-law for her 2nd place in an Ironman recently. Tried to think which it might be, surely not St Georges? AG maybe?

Indeed it wasn’t, it was the one held in Stratford-upon-Avon, otherwise known as a sprint

Fuck off


Is it just me or is the forum playing up a bit at the moment?

The forum is showing me that there are new posts in threads, but when I go in to the threads there’s nothing new there.


Haven’t seen anything but there are some updates due (which I wasn’t informed about) , so will run those now!

I’ve been getting some ‘jump back’ on my phone but fine on the MacBook?

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