Rant rant rant

It’s so irresponsible- you see this on twitter - some idiot ranting about cyclists causing mayhem. No mate I think you’ll find it’s cars that mostly cause the damage.


Article followed by this

Schizophrenic reporting if you ever saw it

Grant twats can go and fuck himself. Sort the fucking trains out you absolute fucking moron

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As for this fat useless fuck

Moron moron broke as fuck moron


But what’s the issue with making the punishment equal. If you cause a death by cycling dangerously, a sentence limited by law to less than 2 years doesn’t make sense. Won’t happen often.

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Nothing as I said but lets sort out some real issues first, not pick something to appeal to The Mail readers


Obviously my issue is the dramatic headlines over a non-issue. And zero attention to the 4000x threat that car drivers are.

But as you mention it - There’s nothing equal about piloting motor vehicles and cycling. Why would anyone think that there is?


That just seems to be the way the media operate. Maybe it’s divide and conquer or to provide different ways of spreading hate to keep us all watching each other rather than looking at those at the top milking it.

Two things I argue about on Twitter, the ‘transgender debate’ and cycling. Both involve a very small number of people and while things do need to be discussed and to make things clear the newspaper coverage is totally disproportionate to the really important issues like cost of living, Brexit, inflation…

I’ve recently had a long ‘discussion’ about cycling on Twitter, GBeebies or Hate Radio put out something about pack cycling slowing traffic and people saying they ought to pay insurance, have number plates, pass a test, pay ‘road tax’ blah blah blah. Pack cycling around here is mostly by the big clubs like Greenwich, Dulwich and Penge (Serpentine used to have organised rides but I’ve not seen them recently).

The big clubs will pay insurance, run number plates, pay ‘road tax’ (although they’d be exempt due to zero emissions but the morons can’t quite grasp that) and do whatever is asked of them because it’s their sport and hobby. Would you still support your football club if they were doing really shit? Yes of course and cyclists will do whatever. The only person they’ll affect is the old chap cycling to the shops for his newspaper.

But still the morons go on about it, they’ve been dipped in hate so deep they reek of it.



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Fucking cycle lanes, it’s like they’re trying to make cycling dangerous in order to tax it.

Who though putting cycle lanes in between bus stops and pavements was a class act?

Designed by Jeremy fucking Clarkson.


I see you’ve used Chris Boardman’s route into Manchester then :joy:


Scoring it like a risk, the likelihood is low but severity is high.

If you do something like run a red light straight into someone at speed and kill them, why shouldn’t you be subject to the same sentence as a driver who runs a red and kills someone?

I agree that it doesn’t need to be priority but it has been prioritised so there we go.

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Could have been to the one at Elephant and Castle outside the Tabernacle.

One of the busiest bus stops in south London and the cycle lane runs a few feet away from it. Guess what happens :roll_eyes:

If they do that there should be around 30m of railings either side of the bus stop so nobody glibly stands in the lane.


I cycled through Elephant a bit in past to get to Dulwich and Crystal Palace for coaching after work and its a shit show. First time i had to get off the bike and walk as i didnt know where I was going


Because there more to the justice system than punishing based on the outcome.

They understand that if I do something very low risk, it is different than if I do something very high risk.

Let’s say I get into an HGV after ten pints and a string of amphetamines and do 100mph daytime in a residential zone.

Let’s say my buddy is a window cleaner, and hasn’t maintained his ladder for years but goes to work on a residential street in daytime.

In neither scenario has anyone been harmed yet. Justice would penalise the former heavier than the latter.

Now let’s say my buddy’s ladder snaps and he falls on an old lady, killing her.

And at the same time I plow my HGV into another old lady.

Should we now both be sentenced the same because the outcome was the same?


I’m using a bit of what I think is CS2 and I go past three or four bus stops like that, people absentmindedly stepping off the kerb into the cycle lane happens a lot. Where I think it’s safe I stay on the main road and maintain speed, otherwise it’s like space invaders.

Jamaica Road is a ball ache now, bus stops are one thing but a right of way segregated bike lane along a busy road with side turnings that people dont look before pulling in or dont stop before bike lane pulling out, dont look (seen a number of near misses, including me) and then block bike lane waiting to pull out. It wasnt even a dangerous road as it had bus lane both sides. Only positive is avoiding Rotherhithe roundabout

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I understand. The proposed change in the law extends the maximum sentence. Sentencing guidelines would then add in how it should be applied.

Yes, the change in law is fine

That Jamaica Road one is awful too. The diagonal crossing at Southwark Park Road really interrupts the flow which is something I can well imagine puts a lot of people off, its not a huge thing but I find its the small quality of life things like that putting people off cycle lanes and therefore cycling in general.


Haven’t been on the Jamaica road for a long time, road quality means I’d only use it if forced to.