The Sleep Thread

I’m typically asleep for between 6.5 and 7 hours according to Fitbit. My view is that it veers towards awake when categorising awake vs light sleep so I reckon 7hrs is a good bet for a ‘real’ number.

Of this, roughly 1hr 30 mins is deep, with a similar amount of REM.
Typically the deep sleep is earlier, REM later but it’s not black and white (at least in Fitbit’s categorisation).

That’s for the past week, there was one night of 11 mins REM but that’s so out of step I’ve not reduced the average to take it into account.

I tend not to pay much attention to anything other than the overall volume of sleep as I’m not sure what I could do differently or even whether there’s anything that I should be thinking of changing.

Mine is similar, doesnt often read much deep sleep. It must be inaccuracies. Often I’ve woken and gone to the bathroom and it doesnt register as me being awake.

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I’ve never worn my 935 whilst sleeping.

I wouldn’t give much credence to stats from watches, medical professionals seems to think theyre a gimmick. But I think they do give a general indication.


Average 9hours too. Nice but I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. I’m also never knowingly awake at night.

3.3 and 17 for me. Generally just accept that I’m a poor sleeper at times, and will eventually catch up on a good nights sleep. Been like this for many years.


Reviewed in yesterday’s Sunday Times. Sounds interesting.

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Might give that a go.

I listened to a doctor the other day talk about what happens if you dont have a set bedtime routine. It basically triggers your right or flight system because your body thinks its under attack because it couldnt sleep at the same time.

Having a set sleep and wake time is often suggested as a way to improve sleep but it sounds like its probably the number one important thing to do

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That comes up fairly regularly now, I think it was in the sleep book by Matthew Walker.

I’ve been trying to get a more settled routine but maybe an extra hour on a weekend. Problem is that now I’m racing again it can be earlier depending on the race.

Woke up at 4:30 today, wide awake until about 6 then another 40 minutes sleep :roll_eyes:

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Sounds a bit extreme, no?

Yeah but thats human body all over. Here is the video.

Hmm…re @jeffb and what @iwaters said about washing machine loads elsewhere, this is how my days pan out

I’m 100% WFH and sit at a desk all day

0550 - Awake
0600 - Dressed and teeth shined
0605 - Empty dishwasher, let dog out, get milk in
0610 - Have a coffee and take a deep breath
0620 - Either exercise or start work early
0800 - walk the dog for 3-5km
0850 - Stuff something bread based into my face. Make another coffee
0900 - Start/Back to work
1200 - Lunch
1700ish - Exercise again. Prep supper.
1800 - Walk dog another 3-5km
1900 - put supper on and shower
2000 - TV or more work time
2150 - Bed time

I don’t wear a watch to bed.

Get about 8 hours sleep per night.
If I wake up after 7am on a weekend, I feel like I’ve wasted the day. And it’s downhill from there.


Slept on the trampoline in the garden last night with my 6yo. It’s an in the ground 10 foot diameter one and we got the tent out because rain was forecast early morning. Great to sleep in the cool fresh air. A solid 9 hours banked before daylight and the clammy synthetic sleeping bag woke me. We might sleep out again tomorrow night in the rain :grin:


Half term up there?

Trampolines dug into the ground :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

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We used to have a trampoline, used to stargaze lying on it. One warm night in August we had some friends staying over and after a few drinks with dinner we went out and lay on our backs watching the Persioid meteor shower. After about 45 minutes the hubby fessed up that he didn’t have his contact lenses in and couldn’t see a single thing but was comfortable and horizontal so didn’t mind :roll_eyes:


3 nights in a row we’ve had disrupted sleep in the house due to illness.

Listening to some club music to pretend I’m 20 again and power through!


The bright morning light is waking our cat up early.


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Do robins sleep? We’ve got a couple in our garden building a nest in the hedge. They were busy as I called the cat in at 10pm last night & industrious again at 6am this morning. Great wee characters.


Same with the blackbird’s

Saw something a few years ago that said all the light pollution was confusing their body clocks and why you still hear them after dark.

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Just a normal weekend but the weather was so nice and the garden so green that we wanted to sleep out. Normally we don’t bother with a tent, but didn’t want to be woken by rain.

I love the sunken trampoline. In terms of fun per GBP spent it’s up there with my best ever investments. Even the dog loves to sunbathe on it.