Training - What Training?!

No, just OW simulation - turning at the T’s, no push offs.
A lot of heads up, eyes closed and trying to swim straight.
It’s an easy session to break the week up.

Saying that, Nantwich has an open air brine lido, which isn’t too far away :wink:

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Phew, I knew you lot were hard ooop north but that seemed next level

Just been catching up on this thread & the sub 3 thread (and the sub 17 5km thread, not that I have any business being there).

Finding it interesting to put times to names, and to see what sorts of training approaches work for different people.

Reading the discussion about 20 min peak bike power made me wonder if anyone would be interested in a sort of TriTalk2 leaderboard for 2019?

Top of my head, this might work if people were happy to share their best times this year for say a 5km run, best average power this year for 20min on the bike, and maybe best time this year for 400m swim.

It could all be extrapolated up to race distances to give a sort of virtual triathlon leaderboard. Can’t remember if something like that been done before? If anyone thinks that sounds interesting maybe I could start another thread linking to a Google sheet


Reminds me of the old 30 min treadmill challenge.

Could someone cleverer than me come up with a way of combining those efforts to give an overall score in a kind of Isoman stylee?

A running thread along the lines of the cycling time trial:

Would that not work for posting 5K, 10K, half & mara times etc?

A google sheet would seem to be a simple way of doing stuff and enable things to be updated dynamically. People copying and pasting a list is a fairly archaic way of doing things.

It would also allow for easy reference to previous years (by starting a new work sheet each year) and therefore seeing progression. You could probably URL within the google sheet to strava activities and the like, if people really wanted to add that info

8km treadmill with 7@ 5.25 and the last one at @4.11, ouch.

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This sounds like an off-season challenge no? If so, it should be times done once the leaderboard goes ‘live’. It should probably include some cross training too; like a 2km row :smiling_imp:

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Or what’s the hardest indoor climbing grade you can lead :rofl:

I remember the 30 minute treadmill challenge well :grinning:

Here’s the sort of thing I had in mind, anyone fancy a play? Please excuse my spreadsheet skills & feel free to make it better

Edit: hopefully should be editable now


Watching Otter climb, grades seem to be gibberish - but I guess that’s because her size means different sorts of grades mean different things when you’re 4ft tall vs 6ft.

Hit 99 CTLs today, and Connect has added a single Watt to my FTP! Zwift race plus 5k brick run.

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Well there’s that and the fact that every setter is a law unto their own. Each ‘gym’ will grade differently, and i’m sure there’s tonnes of sandbagging going on! Styles will have an impact as well. My firend i climb with (when we do get around to going) is much stronger on the slab than me, but anything overhanging or that needs raw power and i’m miles better than him.


F*** :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’ll only go up if you have a ‘Productive’ session. So if you sandbagged for 60k on your bike, you won’t get any extra I guess.

60km was effort.
51 PRs!
Going into town I was merely avoiding death.
Old commute route home, I could’ve swam it faster. A bit wet!

NP was 220
(FTP estimate somewhere from 265 to 280)

Intervals last nigh, 6 mins @ 4:10/km then 7 times 300m sub 60s (3:10/km pace) 100m recovery followed by 6 mins @ 4:10/km. Managed a maximum HR of 187, which is the highest for 18 months, and each interval I got my HR over 180

My legs are wrecked, club Zwift ride (that I organise every Thursday at 6am) was gentle this morning.


Started Spinning sessions with the tri club, had my 3rd session on Tuesday, HIT sessions seem to be brutally hard… or am I doing something wrong?

No, I think HIIT sessions are supposed to hurt :sweat_smile: