Training - What Training?!

30 minute spin class after curry, beers and chocolate last night.


Slightly improved this week after 3 pretty low weeks. Made it to about 8 hours.

Managed a 17k trail run this morning, felt a bit grim on the way out and legs didn’t seem interested, it was also into a bit of a stiff easterly, when I uploaded it to Strava it gave me a PB on the outbound leg which explains that I was being a knob.

Did actually get the bike out for two short rides this weekend. Swam 4 times but all token efforts.

Leg has been a bit tight today again, probably a combination of the run and return to sitting on my backside again.

Try and build on this if we get a bit of weather in a few weeks.


I’ve got some catching up to do on here…

Swim – 5.3km
Bike – 265km
Run - 26km
Time – 15h 3m
Overall – Poor start to the year due to illness. :frowning:

Swim – 12.8km
Bike – 561km
Run - 56km
Time – 32h 1m
Overall – Anything over 30 hours is a good month for me, my 5th highest total since 2015.

Swim – 7.7km
My swimming club’s pool was closed for emergency roof repairs a few weeks ago.
So, I will need to find a temporary alternative at some point next month.

Bike – 891km :sunglasses:
I lost my detailed training stats prior to 2015, but think this is my biggest bike month ever. :astonished:
My biggest month last year was 756km & anything over 400km would be Top 10 since 2015.
Obviously, it was a school boy error to not check the running total & reach 900km. :man_facepalming:

Run - 64km
Still my weakness link and the area I struggle with the most, but another Top 10 since 2015.
Which says a lot about how bad my running is, as I ran 476km in the first 6 months of 2009. :roll_eyes:

Time – 42h 41m :sunglasses:
Biggest month since 2015 and first time over 40 hours since around 2008/09 (I think).
With 16 x Double Days, it really was a case of little and often.
As my longest sessions were swim 1h 10m, bike 1h 45m, run 54m.

Very happy with March, but would like to swim & run more in April for a better balance.

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


Nice !
Keep it going

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Good stuff mate :+1:


That’s awesome @Paul_L

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Good work @Paul_L.

2 x 20 minute spin classes this morning.


My exercise had been like buses this week. Nothing for ages then two in a row!

Short run last Mon. Then nothing until yesterday where I managed to get out for an hour. Ran at probably just over HIM effort (well inadvertently sort of built into the run). Just under 14km with 220m elevation on the roads.

Went out tonight with a couple of mates on the trails. Got an absolute drenching. Trails are just ridiculous at the mo. So hard to run as they’re just so boggy and wet. Good fun, even if it is exhausting to run!

21km or so in 2 hours with just under 500m elevation. Even managed the 75mins or so with no headtorch, despite not leaving until 7! :smiling_face:

Will give the legs a break tmw!


Great stuff @Paul_L, really impressive month :+1:


Gym first thing.

Gym and some running specific S&C.


Hi all, first post! Did a little cycling block over the Easter weekend. 11.5h Fri-Mon, squeezed in where and when family time allowed. Half outside, half on Zwift watching ‘Life Time Grand Prix’ Gravel series on YouTube - defo recommend


So. Turns out if you don’t ride your bike much since last Sept, then don’t ride it at all in 2 weeks (or barely exercise) then your riding ability sucks. Then sucks some more!. :joy: :joy:

Was my first ride since the bike fit though, and I was at least comfortable! No more foot pain, no more hamstring pain and no shufflingy feet up and down my shoes.

So a minor win on that front. But my May race is going suck serious balls! It’s going to be attritional that’s for sure. If I get around the course that is! :joy:


I’m doing my first pedalling since forever and a day later this arvo. I’m already scared. :see_no_evil:


Legs were fine. Backside was a different story :laughing:


45 minute spin class at lunch.

Utter sweat fest.


Been consistent recently …

45mins spin
32mins 6.5km jog
30mins easy spin
58min 12km jog


@buzz - I remember when that was a day :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:


Big day…


Birthday parkrun.
21:49 “easy” jog round.

Lungs and breathing now “fixed” (or at least massively better), just need the legs to catch up :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:


Gym and swim yesterday.

Gym this morning.


My nephews birthday as well!

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