Training - What Training?!

My name is Joex and I’m a triathlaholic. It’s been 7 days since I last trained, I hand my 7 day chip back today.

I went for the club run. Didn’t really like it. Avoided the club drink after, opted for a pint on my own, but didn’t really enjoy that either.

Maybe it’s just a post new bike hangover, I was mad for it last month. Or maybe it’s the weather.


Started the CW 10M TT on Zwift but knew after about 30 seconds my legs weren’t having it so a slightly above steady effort.

Also decided not to go for a jog as I’m feeling off, not sure if I’m just tired, had a long week or fighting the myriad of germs going round!


5km with daughter first thing - east steady pace - out along the road above the beach and then back along the Coastal Pathh

8km walk as recommended by @FatPom around Morte Point including a pink and lunch at the Ship Aground in Mortehoe and followed by coffee and cake at the Watersmeet - top recommendation :clap: the family definitely approved

Decided on a 40 min run up a big hill that I spied today

Apparently after 2 reps I am now the local legend - not surprised- an absolute beast - couldn’t run it all - fast hike for most but even then HR hit 173 while fast hiking it

The road sign at the top said 23% and lasted for about 1km

Loved it


Glad you enjoyed it👍 I can’t remember the name of that hill , something like Potters Hill🤷🏻‍♂️
It’s steeper from the Puts side and a bit gnarlier.
That sand coast path bit is annoying AF at night. I’m sure a few cheat and go down Marine Drive.
If you fancy a longer one, head over to Puts, and don’t take the immediate right past Clifton Court but the next one where the cars drive down to the beach. Go down there about 100mtrs and through the gate. Follow that trail to Baggy Point and descend that ( on the coast side) and you’ll go past a spot called The Blue Bar. Excellent views and food. Baggy Point is the first big climb on NC110.
Probably about 23-25km round trip from Wool

Ah, just twigged, you went up the road? Yeah that’s steep. I thought you meant over the grass hill

Challacombe Hill

100% killer tarmac


We camped at the top of that hill a couple of summers ago. Keep talking about taking rhe bikes for a trip up there.


Put in some hard work at lunchtime but even more worked up about work, couldn’t enjoy Braested hill.

My HR is definitely running higher this year, is that good or bad?

Cut a minute or more off my PRs.



Did a ride, which wasn’t to or from work, so I guess it counts as training. Not sure what I’m training for!? :man_shrugging:t2:

Anyway, 18 miles in a smidge over an hour. It’s a start.


9 mile run :man_running: :dash:

8 cans of lager night before so a bit grungey

2000 OW metre swim :man_swimming:

approximation on a map (albeit distance completely wrong)

Heading back… with a view of Ben Lomond, I began thinking about the history of the area which led me to think possibly there are a few bodies at the bottom… naturally leading me to thinking about zombies grabbing my feet and dragging me down. Which freaked me out momentarily


Is wee stop for a weewee or the Scottish translation for small and a breather while you contemplated the zombies :joy:


12.73km run this morning hill route to Croyde and back 294m of vert

Family walk to Croyde for pub lunch, round Baggy Point and then back to Woolacombe - 17.73km with 301m of vert

Feet up now watching some tennis - will be a minor miracle if I am not asleep within about 5 mins


You’re getting to know it well :+1:t2:

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Gym yesterday.

Spin class today.


… hence only a wee stop!

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Might try heading to Ilfracombe on Sunday

Woolacombe Parkrun on Saturday - apparently now the second hardest in the UK


Lil baby swim. 2.1km 1:38/km
The worst pyramid ever.


Went home, walked the dogs. Had a :poop:
Out on my bike.

First half was dog turd.
40.7km at 31.8kmh.

Turned it around for the back half and managed 34.2kmh average for the last 40km.

Overall, 33kmh for 80.5km.

Road bike. No power as it’s broke.
HR barely went above 140bpm


That is not training, Sir. Unless you’re producing a table leg.

Speaking of which, a good mate of mine once hit his intensity minutes for the week on Garmin.

He was wiping his backside at the time.


Neither is a lot of what people post here :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: