Training - What Training?!

To be fair… During the first lap there were loads. Why they need to hover on the swim loop I don’t know … But they all moved out the way and it was almost entertaining navigating through.

But my god it’s a good job the others were in a lake. Absolutely no chance if there was a tide!!


I’d’ve grabbed the back of it and decked the feckers.
Can’t believe they’re allowed whilst folks are swimming.
Seems like a recipe for disaster.
My old club mate swims in the Trent at Donington/Aston/Weston - might be an option???

1 youngish lad and 3 lady’s :rofl: I’m not an animal.

It wasn’t like this last year. They can venture to the next lake and most used to board down the middle then to a non swim bit at end. It’s getting very popular now.


We went to Decathlon whilst the dog was getting groomed (as it’s next door)
baulked at the price of the SUPs :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Also, nobody in there looked like they actually exercised.


Got out for my first proper morning ride this year I think. Back on a few hills which was a bit of a wake up call! :joy:

No bathroom at home, so having to get creative. Luckily it’s not cold! :joy:


Why don’t you send that pic to your new employer, just tell them that’s how you roll normally. Instant promotion. :grin:


You don’t even really need the towel, just do a few jumps on the trampoline to dry off


First open water swim of the year. Happy with that considering I’ve only swam 4 times in 6 months


LO has her friends coming over at 1.00. They are twin sisters, I can’t tell them apart.

Training my mental resolve. (must not swear, must not swear) :smile: :hear_no_evil:

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Managed 8.5hrs training this week but missed a lot of quality sessions.

2 runs
2 swims
4 bikes

5.5hrs sleep avg.

Not trained this weekend, just a bit of gardening and odd jobs, feeling a bit zonked. As my dad would’ve said. Having a pint break now using the tiny amount of rain as an excuse. :laughing:

Enjoy your :swimming_woman::biking_man:t2::man_running:t2: everyone!


10km run with the dog.

Quite muggy today. Slow first 3km but then sped up to pleasingly decent (for me) pace. Could still feel effects of last weeks 100 though.

2hrs running. 20km done.

Back at it next week.


2 hrs on the turbo yesterday @75% FTP (100 TSS) and 3km brick run at 3:44 pace. 3 hrs on the turbo today @73%FTP (165 TSS) and another 3km brick run at 3:45 pace. 3 weeks to go……


Had two less beers and an earlier night on Saturday, as I wanted to crush someone’s soul today…

…woke up early, ate some protein filled eggs, had a sports drink, a couple of coffees, my ablutions, then went and did my normal 20km 40min warm up to the club ride (it’s about 5 mins 2.5km from my house)

I hate hills. I hate going up ‘em. I loathe coming down ‘em more.

Flew up every hill like I was still 69kg.
Doing some stupid watts to haul my 87kg ass up them.
Eff it. None of these hills are long, just steep.
5 min max power efforts all day :rofl:

First up every hill, no stopping, rolled straight over and descended to the next flat bit.

Strava PRs galore.
Ride was pretty slow as people wanted to use the flats to recover. #Wimps :wink:

I had a mechanical :man_facepalming:t4::exploding_head:
Bloody rear gears kept slipping - and my front brake kept “shifting” to one side, no matter how much I adjusted the grub screw, it just kept moving back to rubbing.
So a lot of stopping (plus waiting at foots of climbs)

But, a grand day out.


Sound like a grand day out

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Very nice, a good day!

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Saw a bloke staggering around sainsbury’s with his bike (guess he forgot his lock, city centre lol) and a powerbar water bottle - I thought to myself, must be a triathlete… wonder if that’s an Ironman powerbar bottle.


Fairly easy week for me but not a bad thing, especially after the blood donation on Monday which probably didn’t help my recovery from the trail race the day before.

Achilles has been a bit achy probably from a tight calf, probably more like PF but it’s easing off so only 2 easy runs adding up to 17k

3 easy bikes including the long ride yesterday, and 3 swims, did a few hard 100’s etc. but still barely added up to just over 4K!

Been feeling a bit tired but I think I’m slipping back into bad ways with my eating so need to get back on top of that.


My eating has been proper crap this weekend! Had a big roast quite late for lunch so cba to cook. Just ate my bodyweight in crisps and hummus instead for my dinner. Topped off with a big glass of wine from a bottle I opened last night! :joy:

Anyway. Biggest week of the year for me tss wise and time - about 9hrs or so.

2 x zwifts
3 x rides (commute e/w and a 3hr ride today)
1 x swim
2 x runs (1 easy, one longer session)

Hope to get something similar in this week as well.


TEN hours this week… hurray.

Mostly weights and core but did two one hour static bikes trying to keep to best ever pace/ power, got over half way on both but was never holding it for 60 mins … boo!

My arms look big though… wrong site ( lol )

Summers here !


22 1/2 hours, but that did include a 3h 45 hike

1200 TSS (1355 with the hike)

Still not feeling in IM shape, 6 weeks until Frankfurt