Training - What Training?!

Pop it, peel the skin and let it harden in the air, back to normal in a couple of days in my experience


Okay, so I’ve woke up to five blisters :tired_face:

Two on the soles of my feet - these are from wearing sandals to walk 2.4km to the Post Office and back.

One on that bone of each outer side of my foot - these are from winding my cycling shoes too tight last night amd not slackening them off for the temperature and swollen feet.

Final one is on the top of my big toe - this is from walking the dog in some yacht shoes :cry:

I’ve just used nail clippers to pierce them all, but have swapped my “long” run to Saturday morning now, allowing them time to heal (it’ll also be a bit cooler then)

Just an easy 45 minutes instead this morning now :wink:

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Far too nice for turbo :sun_with_face: , I’m off over the Denbigh moors to deepest, Welsh Wales :mountain:




Pic !?






Tapir swim this morning.
Annoyingly the pool temp was a little better today…

3 x 200m off 3:30 making 2:58
4 x 100m off 1:50(ish) making 1:28
2 x 500 pull and paddles - 7:25 / 7:26


10km 45min jog

10min WU
3 x 7min @ 70.3 HR of 155bpm (2:00 RI)
10min CD

Intervals were 4:11, 4:10 and 4:07.

Average temperature on the furnace that is the bypass was 29° :fire::fire::fire:

Gotta love zero shade, with the sun just reflecting off two wide lanes, plus wide cycle paths and footpaths :hot_face:


Big gains according to



1600m OW swim :man_swimming:

Calf raises now

Might wander off on the bike later …


from Imgflip Meme Generator


32min actual jog, but seemingly on the surface of the sun.

That pace graph is mental, this was steady effort stuff. Uphill at the end and baking hot so I’d say the HR for my easy pace is probably back to normal.


Kudos for no foot pictures. This is the restraint we’ve been after.

Anyway, 50 minutes in the gym.

5k row, calf raises, bicep curls, sit ups and side planks.


Open water swim testing theory evening.
I’m always super slow after a jog, so wasn’t expecting anything special, just a test of some things…

Warm Up: No Acclimatisation :hot_face::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
400m 7:47 1:55/100m

Yup. It’s not pre-race nerves, it’s going off at 1:30/100m and getting out of breath after zero warm up or floating/bobbing around.

I just piled straight into here. Didn’t even have a cold shower. Replicated a race start.

800m wetsuit GPS FNARKED :hot_face::joy:

14:01 for 800m (or 750m depending on who you believe…)
1:45/100m :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::dizzy_face:
Then 50.6 seconds extracating myself from the wetsuit, including the run to “transition”

800m skins. No drama. Lovely :hot_face::fire:

Or 750m. Who knows :man_shrugging:t4:
Anyway, did the loop in 13:58.
About 1:44/100m.
Which is 3s quicker than in a wetsuit :joy:
At 21.6° lake temp and 24° air temp.

Ran to transition in 12s.
That’s 38s getting my wetsuit off, to be slower :joy::joy::joy:
Hmm…that’s 50 seconds saved over 1.9km…

SO why the hell am I quicker on the final lap in skins, than I was fresh and in a wetsuit?


HR higher on second lap?

Distance wrong?

You have good body position without the wetsuit?

wrist based HR is utter tripe in the water.
With skins, Im guessing HR will be higher anyway, pumping blood round to keep warm?
But suit was allegedly 118bpm and skins reportedly 148bpm.
RPE was less for skins as I felt nice and loose and warmed up by then.

I think my body position is good, but I have no idea?
I did 5 loops (3.9-4km) skins in 63mins last year. I did 59mins in a suit the week before.

So I think I’m just out of practice and shape this year.

A loop is a loop.
If I veer off course, that’s my own fault.

They say it is 750m, but it’s more like 800m.
I’ve had a crowd source of the leaderboard and they’re all 780m ish.

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New one hour push up benchmark set by an Australian - 3,182, crumbs


I managed to get over to proper Welsh Wales today.

No time for a ROTB as I had to pop out for an anniversary card & flowers for the wifey tomorrow.

Club swim this evening.

Recovery day tomorrow :yawning_face:


Verrrry nice.

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So basically one per second for 1 hr :scream:

You did 2695m of vertical :exploding_head::muscle:

That’s about a third of an Everest isn’t it? Just for bants?