Training - What Training?!

Understatement of the year :laughing:


That average speed for the climbing :flushed::exploding_head::dizzy_face:


Do you think there is such a thing as delayed fatigue from events?

My body was recovering on Mon and Tues morning but by Tues eve I felt heaps better. Went for a light 5km run on Wednesday and felt fine but since Wed afternoon/eve I’ve been wiped out.

I feel fine in terms of legs/muscles and stuff but I’m just knackered in a way that I wasn’t at the beginning of the week. Sleeping loads and finding it hard to concentrate at work.

I have this afternoon off and was going to do a vert session to kick off a few weeks to The Plague on July 16th but I can’t say that’s appealing right now!


Bloody hell !

A thousand is really good !!

44:01 10 k !
On a rowing machine !!

My run and row times have been very similar for a long time, not any more it seems.

7 mins faster than a recent 10 k run with a bit less effort.

Actually enjoyed that one


Yes :+1:t3:



I was going to reply with a similarly short response.

Absolultey yes.

I’d also bear in mind at the plague that you’ll have deep seated fatigue from Endure. Do not freak out if you struggle at the plague. The endure effort may feel like it’s gone on day to day, or even short stuff. But when you start going up over 6hrs again, it’ll make itself known.

Unless you’re really gifted, this is totally normal. Seen two (experienced) mates under perform on big events/challenges this year, because they did big, big training runs/other events too close to their main one. They felt like they were over it, big training benefit etc. But it bit them both deep into the next event.

So if you need to finish the Plague to get your AoA spot, then focus on the long game. Get through the Plague as comfortably as possible would be my advice. Try new things for your feet etc that may help in the Arc. But don’t put pressure on yourself to perform at your higher end.

My 2p worth anyway.


9.6km run, 5 pull ups.


Cheers mate, that makes sense. It’s hard to know what to do really but I’m not going to freak out this weekend, just ease back into some easy stuff and get some easy vert in over the next couple of weeks but nothing epic.
Thinking about it, quite a few people do their longest session 3-4wks before the main event, so I could look at E24 as last big session I guess?
The only thing I’m missing is a lot of vert training. I know The Plague has something like 600 steps in the first few kms and of course, they need dealing with on the way back!

The main issue with Plague is hitting the cut offs, I don’t think taking things easy is an option for me in the first 50km but going too hard will end in disaster.
Loyd Purvis sent me a mail saying the cut offs get easier after the turnaround and let’s be honest, if I’m hitting close to cut off at The Plague, I’ve got buckley’s of making AoA.

I think ‘ticking over’ with some vert has to be the name of the game from now until Plague but you know how these things eat away at your thought process!


Exactly this imo.


Wot @gingerbongo said


FP - focus on recovery and just gently ticking over, and you will be flying in a couple of weeks!


Most definitely. I imagine I would still be eating & sleeping after your exploits. I might think I’d be okay to exercise but I would be brought down to earth with elevated HR & a bit of breathlessness.


3000m OW Swim :man_swimming:

New route - left, then right.

First 1500m sub 30mins


400 ms ?!


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I run around a loop that is 2.4km long.

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Got it in the end🤦‍♀️


15…. !

Boom !!

Press-ups per min for half an hour!

Failed this 3? Times. Quite easy ish in the end.

Paticulary pleasing after last nights 10 k row which was just 14hours ago.



30 minute spin class this morning.

12 hours at work.

30 minute swim tonight.