Training - What Training?!

Triple day…so I think I’m back. I’m pretty knackered, but I hit the booze pretty hard (life problems) last night so…not covid.

Check out the difference in to work and out against a strong wind. IF 0.64 to 0.79. Avg HR 8bpm higher.

Commute in:

Lunch Swim:

200m FS, 200m find, 4x50m FS hard
4x 100m paddle/pull @1:35-1:40 :slight_smile:
200m fins
4x 100m paddle/pull @1:35-1:40 :slight_smile:
200m FS, 100m breast, 100m back

Commute home:

Tired now.:white_check_mark:


Attempted to see the sun rise at the summit of Snowdon with Mrs T, Miss T and Oska

Got about 600m up but weather was horrendous- howling gale

Decided to leave it for another day as the flag came down

Back in Manchester now for a few hours sleep before Western States starts


7 x 330ml Brewdog whilst watching Glasto last night
Up at 0650, forcing a banana down, which really wanted to reappear :nauseated_face:

Out for a 16.4km joggette at 4:52/km for 141bpm

That’s my longest (and most hungover) training run since my little fall last year :+1:t3::beers::medal_sports:



Parkrun with family. 25.20 for LO and I


I could’ve done with a little jog this morning to clear the head, but I’ve got the tykes solo.

That’s a good effort though. :+1:t3:


How little is little one? Mines 4, don’t think she’d go in a buggy.

Gentle 30 minute pootle on my bike this morning. All Z2.


She’s 8, yr3. Loads of little kids at ours just walking, running a bit. They do what they can, some make and some don’t. It’s all good fun.


2.5hrs at the climbing wall this afternoon. Strength wasn’t too bad after a 3 week break, hopefully I can build up again quite quickly.


Pretty wiped out today. Had some stomach ache and a migraine in the night, could not get up and kept falling back asleep.

I’ve just got up, which for me is the same as getting up at 2pm!


Hello again, I’m a relative newcomer. Been plodding on with my <75% heart rate training. I notice that my legs fatigue while my heart and lungs aren’t particularly taxed. This has always been the case, and I’m assuming it’s because my legs are generally pretty weak. I tend to spin on the bike, which suits me.

Any tips on strengthening legs?

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It can be many things, without knowing your training schedule/history I’d assume you just need to build volume slowly over time, then by to dice some tempo and interval runs. Also, make sure your bike and run a sessions are spaced and easy enough so that the quality of the workouts are minimally affected.

Eg if I do hard intervals on the bike at 08:00 it’s likely to affect my easy run at 19:00. But if I put 24hrs between them it won’t.

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Summer fair turned into a bit of an all day session, with the parents yesterday. But going for a run in town now to shake it off :sleeping:



Saw the changing of the guard or something like that at Buckingham palace, and the people and environs of St James Park


First actual outdoor ride in 3 or 4 weeks and other than my 4 miles commuting each day, no riding during the same time. Just haven’t felt the mojo and also had a cold for the last two weeks. Wasn’t expecting much, but FML, that was hard. 40 miles with a couple of hills. Time to get back onto Zwift a couple of times a week.


I excelled myself yesterday :clap:t3::beers::face_vomiting:
Started the Glasto watching and beer drinking at 5pm.
Managed 9 x 330ml Brewdogs, including 3 Elvis Juice’s.

My toast at 7am really wanted to see daylight again.

Two coffees later and I’m out at 0830 to meet the club for some hills :face_vomiting::mountain_biking_man:t3:

Managed to do all three monsters, for 238W NP, then my head unit died and had to flick to my watch.
Sat on the front feeling very sorry for myself on the way back.

Sacked off the 5km brick run :brick:

Kendrick Lamar tonight, doesn’t bode well for tomorrows swim :dizzy_face:

EDIT: 16 hours this week :crazy_face::star_struck:


10km run

I thought I would try and see how the covid recovery is going - not good.

HR hit 222 according to my chest strap - readings were so high I thought it wasn’t close to being right so took it off and went off the wrist monitor. Average HR 184 for average pace 5:34m/km


Where the hell has my fitness gone :tired_face:


Maybe too much in hours this week but all easy stuff really , no hard bikes or runs.


Rough day to get back out there.

The sun is shining but that wind is horrible!