Virtual Zwift Rides

Yes, you are now even further behind your wife :wink:
Seems they have decided that the new levels were too easy, so the have spread them out. Need more XP to get to the next level, but they won’t drop you down to where your total XP should have you, just make you work harder to get all the way up to level 100.

You can get your wife to put her big girl socks on and give you some kudos, that’s a few free XP for you right there…


Meh, I’ve got most of the best kit and I’ll be lucky to live long enough to reach level 100 :joy:


So from the info from zwift - XP levels from 91-100 are likely to be around 22,000 per level. Current system 7,000 ish.
And level 100 for new people will be 1,000,000 xp.

So I’m sat at around 880,000 I think nearly at level 82.
Assuming I hit level 90 before we swap - which say is another 56,000 xp. Takes my total to 936,000.

@buzz do you see me then needing 22,000 xp per level to get to level 100 - which would take my total to 1,156,000? cause thats gonna proper annoy me!


I’m only going by what was posted on Zwift Insider, so don’t know the extra XP per level. But how can you be at 880k when it only takes 571k to get to level 100 at the moment?

Zwift Insider does say “Just as with the previous 100-level system, existing Zwifters will receive “XP discounts” based on their ‘banked XP’ from the previous level system to reach their equivalent new level in the revised system faster.” so I assume you won’t need the full 22k per level. Either way, it must be less that 100K total to get to level 100.

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Cause I was at level 60 (just) - which required 750,000 xp to get there.
Then they added levels up to 100, but reduced the xp required to 591,000.

So I had 160k xp “banked” - which gave me one of the accelerators to give me a bonus for being already over that 591,000.

Hence my confusion

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With you on this. The new levels did seem a bit easy to achieve, but once you get to the disc wheel there is not much appeal in another set of socks. I choose my kit so I can see myself in a big bunch, and have about 20M drops unspent.


Yeah, your getting mugged off!
:joy: :rofl:


The worst case scenario seems to be someone on level 98.
They’ll rank up to 99 normally potentially on 584,000 xp.
Then need 416,000 to get to level 100.

Why the f**k they didnt just add more levels and make them exponentially harder each time is a mystery. Made the most convoluted solution and now they’ve doubled down on it.

Anyway - reckon it’ll be a late May update when its quiet to avoid outcry. So I’ve got 6 weeks to rank up 18 levels :face_holding_back_tears:


I was getting a level per week earlier this year. The outline helps see who you are now in a big field which is good.


Surely it won’t be “you need 1000K to reach level 100” it will be “you need 22k to get from 99 to 100”. So if you are at 90 by the change, you stay at 90. You need 22K for each level up instead of the current 7K.

But if you are at level 90 but above the baseline level 90 XP, (I’m guessing 780K?) then they cut the XP per level required so you never need more than 1000K to reach level 100.

Simples… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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MUGGED OFF :tired_face:

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Just tweak the game so anyone reaching level 100 gets a few 1000xp to ‘enjoy’ it then level 101 is back to zero, lose all toys etc


Also known as ‘prestige mode’.


Call of duty player :grin:

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Just spotted they’ve binned the double weekly streak xp bonus. You only get it once per week now not two. That was a nice 500xp earner.


Well after a nice sprint win on Tues - joined a small field on slightly longer version of the course.
It was a bit slow so tried to inject some attacks - couldnt get more than a few seconds. Tried, tried and tried again. And couldnt snap it.
Sat in, got bored… went again… got up to 8 secs and commited to it. HR was bouncing way over 190 (hit 199 at some point).
Finished 1st with a 6 second gap.

My euphoria lasted 10 mins!

Considering how many races Ive done recently where the watt monsters have just rode off - put in massive gaps and win day after day - klinda frustrating. Sure @Jorgan will enjoy this tho.

Most annoying - ZRL finals next week - I rode season 1 ill, season 2 still recoving, season 3 just getting into it. Peaking and now… cant ride!


I did the ZRacing Champs Elysees race last night. It was a B cat race and the winner’s 15s power in the sprint was literally twice mine :joy:

1130W or 13.1 W/kg vs 564W or 7.7 W/kg :rofl:


I think this is the thing that annoys me - I honestly wouldnt mind being cat A - if all those serial winners and those clearly playing the system were A already.

And despite the sandbagger tag - my HR generally shows Im never holding back in a race. Im not watching power. Nor do I even know what would upgrade me.


Just did the mini races in Cat B. Think I prefer being in Cat A, then it is just an above threshold workout all the way with a surge or 2 if you can muster. Cat B seems to be much more sit in and wait for the sprint. No-one is prepared or strong enough to string it out.

I’m not going to trouble the front in either Cat, but can finish higher in A just because the pack is thinned out before the sprint starts. When I’m fit enough to hold the pack anyway, need to get back there first.


Just done sugar cookie in a mass start but filtered after by age.

Knew the big watt guys. Naturally they all went from pen. 3 attacks and I’m in a break of 5.

55 mins of pain surviving.

Somehow dropped one up the epic bridge and another on the run in into jungle.

Shouldve won it :man_facepalming:
Mr 400 watt FTP rolled me on the line