Wetsuit repair

Gah, poked a gaping hole in my wettie this morning

Do recall @Doonhamer showing off his embroidery skills recently?

Any tips to share? I’ve read about using dental floss or fishing line. Already got a tube of Black Witch coming


First, I would blind stitch it (hold the torn part in place with paper masking tape on the outside), then use a repair kit with glue & a patch over it on the inside; and finally a little glue on the outside to stop it catching.


only ever used black witch ,

for larger holes i put some of the grey duct tape on inside then filled hole with black witch on outside .
found lasted a while and then just kept re applying black witch when it started lifting

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Nothing a new bike wont fix



And sit down…

…cos you need to turn your wetsuit inside out and get the IRON :scream::grimacing: on a cool setting.

Apply the Tenacious Tape to the liner in the same way you would with WonderWeb to your kids school :jeans: as they get taller :wink:

Let that cool down and “cement” itself into place.

Turn your wetsuit normal way around.

Now take your Black Witch and apply that to the inner side of the tear/rip. Allow it to dry for two minutes. Now press them together. Wipe off any external excess.

You should now have a properly neat repair :+1:t3::heart_eyes:

Manufacturers instructions:


I’ve since gone over it with Black Witch.

I stitched it up, then stretched slightly - carefully - & applied the glue/Black Witch, held it stretched for a minute or two & then released.


Thank you all for the suggestions.

I’ve just ordered a patch kit from Bezos.

Will give stitching that in and applying BW a go then if that fails try @Poet method.


Just get it done. None of that fancy nonsense above!

Dental floss and black witch.


I can offer simple interrupted sutures in 4.0 prolene with a shot of lidocaine.

Edit: unfortunately you’d have to have them removed in 7 days, so you’d be back to square one


Why do you need dental floss? There are plenty of appropriately coloured strong threads available; if @Adam is a modern man…he might even have some at home, and know where they are kept! We’ve got some Gutermann and Korbond thread that is eminently suitable.

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Errr cos chances are he may, like me, have dental floss already at home. I have no idea what those things that you mentioned are. Brands of cotton? :person_shrugging:t3:

So no need to buy anything. :ok_hand:t4:


Yeah, dental floss for me as @gingerbongo I’ve got that at home!!

Not a pretty looking repair :rofl: I’ll see how it fairs on Saturday


Reporting back that despite its looks the repair held.

Minor victory for me there :slightly_smiling_face:


Gorilla glue?

I’m struggling to find any other adhesive but may have some superglue somewhere.

Polyester resin?

Will any thread do if I try stitching?

I’ve always used Black Witch so can’t comment on other adhesives but would Gorilla / Superglue remain flexible once cured? That would likely irritate me to have hard inflexible suit repairs.

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I used dental floss to try to fix mine a la @Doonhamer. That with Black Witch. But then it just tore a new hole a bit further back from the repair! :man_facepalming:t3:

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Yep, dental floss and black witch for me too

Looks like shit bit has worked a treat

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If you don’t have Black Witch I’ve used puncture repair glue when I was in a bit of a pinch.

I dont suppose you’ll be needing your wetsuit imminently :cold_face: so I’d wait until you’ve got some BW.

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What is black witch?

Wetsuit repair glue - Amazon it, only a few quid

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