Yoga / Pilates

. Legs are in bits still from the race yesterday - the shoes wreck my legs on any tarmac so I knew I’d be in for it, as there was about 4/5km of the black stuff.

Gonna skip yoga again tonight as a result, so a couple of days behind.

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I have completely fallen off this wagon!

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I missed yesterday and shoulder playing up. think I’ve overdone the yoga!

Up to day 20 now.

More difficult with the blimmin cat wanting to play! :joy:

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Oh good, a trotter shot with a sensual glimpse of thigh and a flirty bit of calf.



Normally charge £75 for that

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Oh yeah. Side hustle on Only Fans is it?

I set one up, people pay me NOT to post pictures.

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I did Day 26 this evening & it had been a week since doing Day 25 a week ago. My hips weren’t in a very forgiving mood :grimacing:.

I must make an effort to show up more often.


Someone’s drawn on your back

It’s them pesky kids again. Must’ve been whilst I was sleeping!

I’ve seen these advertised but never looked into them. What are the expected benefits?

I’m not 100% sure. I think it’s meant to improve circulation and stuff.

Weirdly both Mrs GB went on it last night for the first time in ages.

Again, I fell asleep on it. Was planning 15 mins. Put my headphones on with some nice music as Mrs was watching that scouse cop show with Bilbo Baggins and the accents drive me up the wall (apols to any scouses here! :joy:).

The little spikes were pretty well established after that. Not sure of there’s a max time you should be on it.

As for yoga. Adrienne wouldn’t be happy with me as I just cba last week and only did 1. 3 days were genuinely very difficult to juggle, the other 3 were just me choosing not to do it. Must try harder.

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I’ve seriously been terrible, having not down any yoga in months. I’m tight in my hips and back and calves.

So today I’m getting my house in order again. 20 mins on the massage gun to release the calves, quads and ITB. Then Day 24 Of YWA Move. Going to finish the 30 days and then start it again.

Need to aim for at least twice a week with the yoga. I’ll need the core strength and arm strength for being in TT position for the next 3 months and I need the stretching to loosen up my leg, especially as I add in more run intensity.


So how’s this latest yoga blitz going GB, as well as mine :joy:?

… Err, I did one last week! :joy:


I did a pilates/yoga class this evening with Mrs D :smiley:. Great wee session that my friend’s wife takes in a local village hall. Only about a dozen of us of absoluteĺy all shapes, ages & abilities.

Great workout & it’s also stopped me starting my Friday night drinks by an hour or two :+1:.


You’ve got a great instructor in your area. A Dutch lady called Nicole - Hawarden Pilates Clinic. I used to run with her in Sale. Pilates really is a good workout that we all know we should do but hardly ever do.

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Hawarden, that’s me :grinning:.

I enjoyed my session this evening & I’d feel a bit disloyal popping over to her just now, but found her group on FB & see we’ve got a few mutual friends so it’s great to have alternatives.

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Having never heard of Hawarden Pilates Clinic I bumped into half a dozen or so of them kitted out in their vests at the local Parkrun this morning :grinning:.

It’s a funny old world.

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Damn you.

I underestimated how much my wife had missed her pilates…We’re booked into Hawarden Pilates Clinic this evening & my abs still hurt to touch from Friday evening :joy: