Your You Tube 'go to channels' for training

I know there are a gazillion of 'em out there but my ‘check every couple of days’ are:

Ben Parkes
Ginger Runner
Run4Adventure (my favourite)
GTN. (I check the title and decide whether to watch)
GMBN (I check the title and decide whether to watch)
GCN. (getting rarer that I watch)
Seths Bike Hacks
GP Lama
The Running Channel (I check the title and decide whether to watch)

I used to watch Wild Ginger Running but I just find her flat out ‘odd’ and she never seems to actually run anywhere for very long.


oops - sorry - wrong forum… :grin:


Good for HR zones? :wink:

I struggle to watch anything that isn’t actually a sports event as I don’t really listen and need to feel like I’m involved.
Triathlons are my first choice but have also been enjoying UCI XC MTB races and cyclo-cross just lately. I watched a few matches when the rugby world cup were on but generally needs to be closer to what I’m doing.

Most of the non training channels I watch are either motorbike, surfing or ultra related.

Listen to podcasts and stare at TrainerRoad.

IM Talk
Oxygen Addict
Used to listen to the Brick Session but Mark’s interviews are so painful. Talks about himself for 80%. Asks a question, guesses the answer, lets them speak for 20 seconds then back to himself. The non-interview ones are great.

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“Age-group royalty”:rofl:

Training? My YouTube fodder seems to be:

Retro footage of races (Triclair channel)
Guys making crossbows/bows with primitive tools
Super yacht/sailboat reviews
Music vids

GCN is probably the only channel I’ve watched a reasonable amount of; everything else is escapism :upside_down_face:

Are you buying a super yacht? Aren’t the Cotswolds landlocked? :grin:

Very specific. You planning for something?

Ref the primitive technology vids, I find them strangely relaxing, and at the same time, informative :laughing: Not watched one for a few months.

Regarding super yachts; well they are more like large motor yachts or sailboats than billionaire’s play things. But obviously YT then starts suggesting oligarch vessels! I grew-up by the sea and used to do a fair bit of sailing/boating with work many years ago; but it’s not part of life any more clearly.

Project Binky

I love the sea (obviously) and like being on the water but I wouldn’t have a clue how to sail a yacht, or windsurf.

Are you a fan of ‘Out of Town’?

I had to Google Out of Town; you do realise I was 7 when it last aired :smile:

:laughing: yeah but now you can write with a quill made from a feather. Big call for that in 2020!

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I’ve been watching heaps of Ben Parkes lately. As far as I can tell, he’s a full time coach and YTer but ‘only’ has 47k subscribers. Him and his girlfriend live in London, travel all over the globe for races.

He must have a shed load of coaching clients, otherwise I can’t fathom how this pays the bills?

Anyway, besides that, I love his content, enthusiasm and he covers such a gamut of race types and topics. :+1:

Jack Hargreaves …lej

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I sometimes watch gtn and gcn but for the most part i don’t really watch training info as i am quite new to the sport. i do really like the vegan cyclist though. I figure at this point i dont need really advanced techniques i can just run ride and swim :stuck_out_tongue:


What about that Aussie cycling bloke Durianrider(sp).

He strikes me as a tool.